Friday, July 21, 2017

How college shaped my future

"Have I helped someone today?" - is a question I ask myself on a daily basis. I feel proud and accomplished when I'm able to answer, "Yes." Because of my college education, I am in a career which enables me to truly help people every day. Were it not for my education, I would not be where I am today.

When I began my college career, I had no idea where life would take me. I didn't know what I wanted to be or where I wanted to end up, but I knew that having a college education would greatly increase the opportunities I would be given. I knew that college would give me me lessons from books, professors, and individuals, and I knew that every single thing I learned would be put to good use after my college career was over. There were many times when I was struggling to study for a test or finish a paper, and I would think about my future and about how the things that were difficult at the moment would shape my future.

About halfway through my four years of college I realized that what I was truly passionate about was helping people. I wanted to help people in whatever capacity was available. I was so thankful I'd chosen to get my degree in Communication Studies because it taught me all about relationships and how human beings interact and learn from and with one another. It taught me how human beings gave and accepted help from one another.

In every job I've had since I graduated from college in 2010, I've been able to help people. In addition, with every job I've had since I graduated, having a college degree was a necessity. I speak with 100% honestly when I say that obtaining my degree enabled me to be where I am today.
During my senior year of college I was the president of my major's honor society. I was able to head committees, functions, and fundraisers so that our society could help other people. Through this society I was able to learn how to organize functions, delegate tasks, and communicate with co-workers. The opportunities I was given in college forever shaped me and my work ethic.

Today I am employed at a doctor's office. Had I not completed college, I would not have been hired. I am able to go to work every day to a job I am passionate about, a job which allows me to wholeheartedly answer, "Yes!" when I ask myself if I've helped someone today. 

When I go home at the end of the day, I feel fulfilled. I find myself excited to go to work in the morning because I know what I am doing will make a difference in somebody's life. The fact that I would not have this opportunity without a college education is not lost on me. At every opportunity I am given, I have encouraged young people to pursue a college education. When somebody says to me, "I don't have a specific career path chosen; I probably won't go to college," I encourage an education because it can lead to infinite possibilities which can help anyone realize his or her potential.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I am so dumb. I am really dumb. For real.

Back in May Keith's parents told us: "For your birthdays we'd like to take you to a very fancy magic show."
"OKAY!" We replied enthusiastically.
"It is very fancy," they emphasized.
"Yes we are ready and prepared. It is May. The show is in a month and a half. We are prepared."
"Ok but just so you know, it's REALLY fancy. Men must wear suits. Women must wear dresses. No denim is allowed. IT IS VERY FANCY."
"Lol yes ok parents, I think we, as grown adults who know how to do things, will be able to go to this magic show."
"VERY FANCY magic show. On July 13th."

So, on the night of July 12th, Keith tried on his suits and I tried on my dresses and the end result was basically just this:

But literally really though. My dresses are either too short, too small, or show WAY too much cleavage for a night out with my in-laws or even a night out of my house because WOW it's a lot to deal with.

And Keith had like 4 suits that are almost right but not quite and this is the kind of place where, if you don't match the dress code, you don't get in. And that would really suck.

So, at 9:30 this morning I'm going to race down the hill to Macy's and pray that the perfect dress and shoes are there because THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. I have never felt so stressed in my life. I also feel like I should be lectured by somebody. Like... Antwon Dodson, probably.

I know, Antwon. I deserve every word of the lecture. I don't even deserve it in the autotune version.

So if you think of me, pray for me, because I am very nervous about finding a pretty dress in a dark color that covers my knees and shoulders and most of my arms. And also I need shoes that aren't too tall.

SO THAT'S IT. THAT'S WHY I AM AN IDIOT. AND KEITH IS TOO. But hey, at least I got this blog post out on time.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Parts of Titanic that we all just need to get over

-Why did Old Rose throw the diamond into the ocean at the end? Why didn't she give it to her granddaughter?

     While The Heart of the Ocean could have succeeded in maintaining Rose's granddaughter's highlights, the truth is that Cal probably never would have succeeded in letting anyone in Rose's family keep the diamond. Though Cal Hockley killed himself in 1929, he almost definitely would have put something in his will about that special diamond which would have cemented its place in his family's fortune. So even if Rose's granddaughter had been given the diamond, it would have been taken away immediately. The only way for Rose to make sure Cal or his family ever saw the fortune 
of the diamond was to make that stupid noise and toss it into the ocean.

-How did Rose harbor all those feelings toward Jack for her whole life without telling her her husband or children about her lost love?

Well, you guys, a woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. There are probably a million things Rose never told her husband about. Also, what would the point be? "Hey, Mr. Calvert, FYI I don't actually love you. My heart lies with a guy who's frozen at the bottom of the North Atlantic. But you know, thanks for the memories and the kidz n' stuff.

-How did Molly Brown just "happen" to have her son's wardrobe with her on the Titanic?

Well, there are several explanations for this. First, Molly's son could have passed away recently and she wasn't ready to let go of him, so she took his clothes with her to America so she could stay connected with him. Secondly and most likely, her son had never left America. Molly had gone to Europe and had bought many, many expensive suits for him and was taking him back to the states for him to wear. She was just so taken with Jack that she decided to let him use some of his never-before-worn suits.

-Why did Rose promise Jack she'd "never let go" and them promptly LET HIM GO into the freezing Northern Atlantic?!?

     This one irritates me the most. YOU GUYS. Rose wasn't talking about "never letting go" of the literal Jack Dawson. If you watched the movie at all, you'd know Rose was promising Jack she'd "never let go" of her promise to him to live a full life. Rose made the most of her life and found loe, happiness, and fulfillment, because she knew that's what Jack would have wanted. She promised Jack she'd live her life and THAT'S WHAT SHE DID.

-Two of them could have fit on that door.

     YEAH I'LL NEVER LET GO OF THIS ONE. They both could have fit on that door, period. Rose took the door AND the life jacket? SELFISH B.

**Did I miss any? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments**