Friday, October 21, 2016

A Loss We Never Expected

Tomorrow, we are going to a funeral. We are going to bury my third niece, who was supposed to be born in just a couple of weeks. Last Thursday my brother and sister-in-law were told that their daughter's heart had stopped beating, and she would never join us on this earth. They named her on Friday, and on Saturday afternoon my sister-in-law gave birth to Hannah Joy, who was already being held by Jesus.

Hannah is my third niece, and she was supposed to be here in early November. Nobody expected to hear that Jesus had taken her to heaven so early. Nobody expected to have to say goodbye to a little girl we've never gotten the chance to know. Nobody expected that we would never get the chance to know her.

We are all grieving, and I am so angry. I know we will likely never know the reason for her death and that God's reasoning is beyond ours, so I shouldn't be angry, but I can't help it. I am so angry that He took her from us. I'm so angry that we will never get to know her. I'm just so angry and sad and devastated.

Our entire family covets prayer right now, and we are so thankful for the kind words everyone has given, and for the hope we have in Jesus.

Hanna Joy, we love you so deeply. We miss you fiercely. You will never be forgotten, and we have loved you for you entire life.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Five on a Friday

1. This is quite possibly the most exciting thing: next Friday I am hopping on a plane and heading allllllll the way across my country and up into Canada to see Faith marry Justin. I literally could not be more excited about this. Faith, Canada, EASTERN Canada, pistol Pete... and now I know to stay away from the poutine, so I have it all figured out.
2. This year will be the first one since 2007 that I have not been home for thanksgiving. In '07 I was a character at Disneyland and I ended up having to work a double shift so that somebody else could be with her family. So my thanksgiving consisted of old reject rolls from Ariel's Grotto and some turkey and cranberry sauce. It probably wasn't that bad but I was bitter about not getting to go home ever since, and that bitterness is fueled at Disneyland.
 But anyway, this year Keith and I are staying home because his family is coming down to our mountain! It will possibly be a really big gathering, which will be fun. There will definitely be a tiny baby for everyone to ogle over, which will also be fun! I'm pretty much excited for it regardless. 
3. I cut my own hair now. I don't have any good selfies of this (shocking I know) So you'll just have to believe it.
4. We need to eat healthier. I gladly welcome any cooking tips, especially tips on how to cook more easily and simply. That is my goal. PLEASE.
5.Books. More book recommendations, please! I recently read A Court of Thorns And Roses as well as The Girl On The Train. I loved both but can't wait to read the second in the "court of" series.
That is my five
For Friday