Monday, August 7, 2017

What's the haps?

Do people still say that when they're asking, "What's been happening in your life lately?"? Probably, I think. I am very hip and with the cool lingo that kids these days are using. Cash me ousside, how bow dah? See? Told you.

Let's see... in the last several weeks a few things have happened. Things like... little sister got MARRIED! It was a stressful day filled with mishaps such as the absence of dinner plates at dinner, a car show which resulted in streets near the venue being shut down, which resulted in the wedding starting a half hour late because nobody could get to the venue or find a place to park, the veil being almost lost, my feet almost falling off because my shoes hurt so bad, and Katelynne (one of the 4 flower girls) refusing to sit with her dad and wanting to stand by her mom the matron of honor because "Mommy is my buddy!" Actually, that last one was pretty adorable.

Even with those mishaps, the wedding was beautiful and I cried when my sister walked down the aisle. She cried too. So did her husband, Joey. And here are some pictures.

Me and my stunningly beautiful sister!!

Me and Keith. My friend told me we look like a pastor and pastor's wife and that I should caption this, "Would you like to buy a Bible???"

My Grandma. I've talked about her before.

Two of the flower girls. Aria on the left, and my niece Katelynne on the right. Katelynne was very protective over her "treasure box" and Aria kept asking to play with it, thus the apprehensive look on Kate's face.

The four flower girls. Wrangling them was so fun.

Katelynne and me being very normal and supportive of the wedding.

My long time friend, Mallory.

Another long time friend, Christine. We were neighbors growing up and used to fight over who got to babysit the neighborhood children.

Me snuggling sweet baby Kyn.

My brother Robert and my Grandma.

Me and my Aunt Janet.

The beautiful newlyweds! Everyone threw lavender on them as they left. It looked beautiful but they said they inhaled a lot of it. Whoops. The two of them are currently honeymooning in the UK.

....trying to figure out why Patton is mad at me. He recently peed in my underwear box and he won't stop meowing in the middle of the night. Is he mad? Sick? Just a giant douche? We may never know.

...I sort of had a dinner party! Over the weekend my parents stayed at our house and on Saturday I cooked dinner for them, my brother John and his wife Amy, and Keith's parents. I made a roast in the crock pot and it was, apparently, "the best roast those 8 people had ever eaten." And it was SO EASY. Like, dump stuff in a crock pot and leave it there for 8 hours, easy. I'll tell you more about that another day.

...dreaming of our vacation! Keith and I are planning a European vacation this November. We are going to go to several places including Italy, London, Paris, and a few others that haven't been nailed down yet, but at least one of them is not a typical destination. So be prepared for lots of posts where I ask what kind of shoes I should wear in rainy London and how do I pack in a carryon for 3 weeks and how do I change my phone plan so I can still use Snapchat? All that and more, coming to a blog near you!

And that's it for now. Things have been very busy these last few months and I don't expect that to ease up any time soon. I am struggling to catch up on Game of Thrones - I'm still on season 4!!! Save me from the spoilers! JK I already read most (but not all!) of them.

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