Monday, June 1, 2015

This post contains a picture of our wedding venue

It's come to my attention that I never write weekend recaps anymore and I just feel REALLY bad for leaving you all out of the really exciting crap I do on the weekends! You know, like watch entire seasons of Survivor and sleep in 'til noon and sometimes put makeup on. Really, most of my weekends aren't anything notable, but this past weekend was insanely busy and I feel like the internet should hear about it.

I feel kinda bad though, because my stupid phone has a demon in it and it rarely lets me take pictures, save pictures people send me, or upload any pictures to my blog. It also deletes my texts won't let me check my e-mail or play candy crush. Send iPhone 6, please.

But anyway. The weekend started on Thursday night because neither Keith nor I work on Fridays. We were planning to go up to San Luis Obispo for his cousin's wedding, but we had to drive up to his parents house in the valley first. We didn't leave until 10pm on Thursday and the drive is usually between 4-5 hours. THIS trip there was stupid road work and the drive took us just over 5 hours. We got to his parents' house around 3am and I thought I was going to pass out while I was brushing my teeth.

During the drive we got Taco Bell and we both popped squats on the side of the freeway so I guess it wasn't a total bust. And actually I guess I was the only one who technically popped a squat because guys don't really have to squat, do they? I should delete these last two sentences.

Friday Keith played disc golf with his brother and I slept and stuff and then we made the two hours drive over to San Luis to meet my parents at OUR WEDDING VENUE. Guys, if I'm being honest, I absolutely LOVE this venue but I'm terrified that the people who run it are going to screw up our wedding. Remember how I wrote last week about how we almost lost the venue because they screwed up? Well, I had set up a time to meet with someone who worked there so we could be shown around and ask questions and stuff. We were supposed to meet at 2:30 and when nobody was there by 2:45 I called and they were like, "Durrrrr what are you talking about?" And by 3 someone came (it wasn't Riley) and just unlocked a door and then disappeared and I was like OH MY GOSH THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO KILL ME AREN'T THEY, but then my dad was like, "You need to calm down," and he went and got the guy and all our questions were answered and PHEW.

We took some pictures by the gazebo where we'll say our vows in like 118 days or something, and I would like to take a poll. Without telling you which of the four of us (the two of us and my parents) wanted what, I'd like to know if you think we should have the ceremony in the gazebo or just in front of it. The wedding party would be outside but Keith and I and the officiant (who will be my dad) would be inside. Thoughts? Thanks.

After the venue we got cheesy bread and my mom and I bought the most adorable birdcage EVER to use for cards at the wedding. I'd show you a picture but remember how I have a demon phone? My favorite part about the birdcage is that it was on sale for $19.43. Have you ever noticed how expensive birdcages are??? My other favorite thing about the birdcage is how when I showed it to Keith he said, "Oh, it's like the one Rachel bought!" And I looked at him blankly and he sighed and said, "You know, on that episode of Friends where Rachel bought all that crap from Pottery Barn and lied about it to Phoebe! She bought a birdcage!" And I started laughing and feeling proud that he's actually been paying attention to Friends while I've been binge watching it.

Baby Kate was in the craft store with us, and did you know that 20 month old toddlers don't want to just sit quietly and not touch shiny things? It was a workout keeping her from breaking the whole store. But on the upside she said SO MANY WORDS! "Barn!" "Shiny!" "Bunny!" "Meow!" "WHOA!" "Pig!" "Blue!" "Eight!" "Two!" were some of my favorites. She's a little genius. Someday I'll write a post about how much of a genius she is and how she already knows all of her colors and most of her numbers and some letters. Like, sometimes she'll say, "EIGHT!" and her mom will look around and somewhere near her there's an eight. GENIUS.

After THAT we met his brother and sister-in-law for drinks (happy hour margaritas, to be exact) and holy YUM. They also ordered a guacamole cart. AND OH MY GOSH I had queso for the first time in my LIFE. Everything Lindsay and Natalie say about queso is true and my life has been changed forever and I'm drooling just thinking about it.

After THAT we went to his grandparents' house and visited with his grandparents, parents, brother, cousin, and aunt. We did a lot of talking and a lot of eating pizza and brownies and ice cream. And it further cemented into my mind that I'm marrying into a pretty wonderful family. Not just because they like to feed me, but because they're really actually pretty great.

We got to my parents' house (where we were sleeping) around 11 that night and I had stupid insomnia so I was awake until like 1am. I hated it but I got some serious Netflix watching done so that was fine by me. When my alarm went off at 730 the next morning I pretty much hated my life, though.

His cousin Lindsay's wedding started at noon, but the family (which now includes me; I didn't realize all the strings that were attached to my engagement ring jk jk jk sorta) got there early to help set up. We were late and got there around 10 and I didn't even get my coffee. When Keith asked me why I was so cranky I just snapped "I'M JUST REALLY TIRED" because I knew he wouldn't understand the coffee thing. We had to change into our wedding clothes in the park bathrooms because we didn't have time to go anywhere, and I learned that trying not to let any of your clothes or bare feet touch a public park restroom is one of the most difficult things of life. 

The wedding went really well and I don't really have any stories from it except that it was all outside in a park and the aisle runner was thin and there were these vases filled with those flat glass marble things holding the runner down and when people walked down the aisle they knocked them over. It was sort of like dominos.

I'm going to go through the rest of this pretty quickly because I feel like it's way too long and boring (just like the following movies: The Great Gatsby, American Hustle, Thor 2, and District 12). Ready? After the wedding Keith went golfing with his family and I planned wedding stuff with my parents and things got all emotional and sappy and maybe some of us teared up but I'll never tell. Keith and I went back to his grandparents' house and I ate cold pizza which is one of my favorite things in the universe. We drove the 2 hours back to his parents' house. I slept. I feel like I need a new paragraph.

The next day I watched tennis, rugby, and baseball, and did you know watching tennis is like super boring? Sorry if you enjoy it but it's really not my thing. I took a nap and apparently I talked in my sleep but no one has really told me all of what I said. We ate lunch, then we ate ice cream, then around 4 we left for the mountains.

Did you guys know there are tumbleweeds in California? I'm really pissed I didn't get any pictures of them because they were HUGE. There were several times during the drive where I had to literally brake and swerve to avoid hitting a tumbleweed. I don't know if they would have done much damage to my car but I didn't want to chance it.

Then we made it back. I feel like this wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be and I blame that on the lack of pictures.


  1. I vote for your dad to stand at the opening of the gazebo and you two outside of it... I can't really see you when you're inside the gazebo.

    Also. YOU JUST TRIED QUESO FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS WEEKEND? You sure you're a real live person?

  2. You've NEVER HAD QUESO? yes that is what i took from this ....

  3. I don't understand how a person who loves Mexican food as much as you do has only JUST tried queso for the first time. I am so puzzled by this fact!

  4. Okay I love the idea of you guys being inside the gazebo, but like Allie said ^^^ it’s kind of hard to see you guys in there. I bet the lighting would be different later in the day though, so that problem should take care of itself. I’m so glad you finally got to experience the next-level culinary delight that is queso. Natalie and I had some ourselves on Saturday night. Aaaaand now I want some more.

  5. I like inside. If you decide to be in the gazebo, how about standing closer to the front so people can see you?

  6. You need a new phone because I'm disappointed that there weren't pictures of these things.

    Also, I really want to try Queso. All of your food talk has made me hungry, and now I'm craving cold pizza at like 8:30am.. you jerk.

    I vote that you and Keith stand outside of the gazebo and I'll tell you why on gchat.

  7. Queso is the best invention in the history of EVER!

    Also, I'm sure the wedding venue people will be much more organized when your wedding comes around. They're not going to ruin your big day probably.

  8. From a wedding photographers perspective, I would say outside of the gazebo for the best light/pictures! You can always take some pictures inside the gazebo afterward :)

  9. Just from the two pics you posted, the photos would look better with you guys outside of the gazebo. Inside is cool, but you can probably be seen and heard better outside.

    Just talking about sleep makes me even sleepier. Or it could be that you didnt add photos. Excuse me while I go zzzzzzzz.

  10. That episode of Friends turned me off to Pottery Barn for life. It was so hard for me to let Tim buy our dining room table there. SO HARD.

  11. La Casita queso will change your life! we must get it with take out and wine for DH night. PS I totally know how to hook my tv up now. Let me know when you catch what I am throwing down.

  12. Wedding twins because I used a birdcage for cards too! Also - I like you outside of the gazebo, if only for photog purposes. The lighting would be hard to adjust to be a good light for both those people inside the gazebo AND outside of it. There would either be not enough light on those inside, or too much on those outside to brighten up the inside. Does that make sense??

  13. I feel kinda bad though, because my stupid phone has a demon in it and it rarely lets me take pictures, save pictures people send me, or upload any pictures to my blog. It also deletes my texts won't let me check my e-mail or play candy crush. Send iPhone 6, please. mother son wedding dances

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