Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two weeks with no poo

Two and a half weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet (where did that saying come from and WHAT does it even mean?) and stop washing my hair. Gross, right? WRONG. IT'S NOT GROSS IS THE BEST THING EVER. It feels thicker, bouncier, shinier, and way less greasy. I started doing this out of curiosity, but after 16 days I might be hooked... or I might now. We'll see. So, do you want details? Fine.
I'm currently going about a week in between washes, but I definitely feel like I could go longer. It doesn't get greasy or anything, but sometimes you just need to get your scalp wet, you know? Or is that just me? So anyway, I just eyeball the amounts of baking soda and apple cider vinegar I use. The baking soda stays in the kitchen, so I have to sort of plan ahead, and if I know I'm going to wash my hair I need to remember to take about a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup to the shower with me. The first time I did this I thought it would be smart to use filtered water to mix with the baking soda, so I filled my cup with about a cup of cold Brita water from the fridge and then I almost passed out when I was in the hot shower and I dumped a cup of freezing water on my head. I felt like Keith probably feels sometimes when I accidentally flush upstairs while he's in the shower downstairs.
I pour the mixture on my scalp and massage, massage, massage. Then I rinse. And I do NOT let the mixture get into my eyes because I like my corneas. Keep that ish out of your eyeballs.
After I've rubbed that in I let it sit on my scalp for a minute or two and then I use the ACV. I keep the apple cider vinegar in the shower and then try to eyeball about a tablespoon of that into the cup and fill the cup up like halfway with WARM water. Then I do the same thing I do with the baking soda: massage and let it be.
Then I rinse it out and I try to take short, slow breaths because apple cider vinegar mixed with steamy shower water is disgusting and it makes me feel like I'm an Easter egg being dyed and just no thanks. While my hair is still damp I use my Biosilk silk therapy on the ends because I love that stuff.
So, as if no 'pooing my hair wasn't enough, I also decided to see how long I can go without using heat on my hair. This means no blow drying, no flat ironing, no curling. NOTHING. My hair is pretty fried from years of dye and heat and infrequent trims, so I decided I'd give it a break and see if I could deal with my natural hair. After three days without washing or using heat, it looked fine when I fluffed it and positioned my head juuuuuuuuuust right. But really, I think the last time I went without washing or heat styling my hair was when Keith and I went to Yosemite and my hair was in a ponytail the whole time.

 Did you guys know that taking selfies of just your hair is really hard to do? I don't know how to pose my hair. I mean, it's HAIR. But Wednesday night, on the 7th day of no 'poo or heat, I remembered to take some pictures so you could kind of see what my hair looks like now. And I don't know about you, but all I can see in this picture is like a million split ends, which is why for the past few days I've been taking my dollar store scissors and trying to give myself a little trim. I think I've cut off almost two inches so far. Don't tell my aunt.

 In this next picture I saw my curling iron on the windowsill and I was staring at it thinking, "I'll come back to you soon, old friend. I miss you too."

Sooooo that's about it for this no 'poo update. I'm seriously glad I had already gotten used to not washing my hair much because I think I totally skipped the whole "transitional period" and I haven't noticed any bad changes in my hair.

I am a LITTLE concerned because I keep hearing about people who totally fried their hair using the no 'poo method and my goal is to NOT fry my hair so I guess I'll just let you know what happens with that.

The end.



  1. I FEEL SPECIAL. Anyway, your hair still looks really fluffy and I'm impressed... But I don't think I could ever really part with my flat iron.

  2. You may have mentioned this before, but what is your normal hair type? My hair gets super oily and I feel like not washing it is just not going to happen. I would love to give it a break though. Maybe then it would start to cooperate!

  3. Your hair does look great. I don't think I could handle it though.... good luck with the not frying your hair :)

  4. People fry their hair using no 'poo? That is so counterintuitive, how does it even happen? Did these people stick their fingers into electric sockets or something? I can't get over how gorgeous and wavy your natural hair is, me and my naturally stick-straight, stupid fine hair will be over here pouting.

  5. Okay so I tried no poo over the summer because I was like why not? I had the longest transition period and it was gross; as in headbands for weeks to hide it. But then it got better. And I can't remember the actual reason but I went back to shampoo. Although I am using all sulfate free products so that counts for something, right?