Monday, January 12, 2015

The most sparkly wedding

I have a confession: I'm having a hard time coming back to reality after such a wonderful weekend! If you're not aware, one of my old roommates and very best friends, Lisa, got married on Saturday. I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids and I can't get over how beautiful, and amazing, and full of love everything was. And of course, I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't recap every wonderful part of Lisa and Matt's wedding.

Thursday evening was the rehearsal and I have zero pictures of it, but it was great.

Friday evening I drove from the mountaintop down to San Clemente to meet Lisa and a couple of the other bridesmaids and it was almost impossible to find this hotel. My phone (which is notorious for giving me bad directions) sent me to a weird neighborhood, and then I finally saw the hotel sign but when I followed the sign I went to a 99 cent store and it took like 5 minutes of trying not to hyperventilate before I figured out I had to go behind the 99 cent store to find the hotel. Whoever was in charge of designing the driveway for this hotel needs to get fired. It was awful and everybody had trouble finding it.

On Lisa's last night as a Miss not Mrs, we talked about the wedding, the honeymoon, the other girls' weddings and honeymoons, and we had a photoshoot of Lisa's ringed finger on top of confetti and sequins. Lisa loves gold and glitter and all things girly more than anyone I know, and I feel like this picture of her hand was pretty toned down, actually.
The next morning, three of us mad a Starbucks run and we felt kiiiiiind of bad for asking the busy baristas to write "bride" and "bridesmaid" on our cups, but it was fine. The barista originally wrote "brive" instead of "bride" on Lisa's cup, but we were quick to point out his mistake and he laughed and clearly didn't understand how big of a mistake that was. What do boys learn in school?

Once we made it back to the hotel with the coffees, we forced Lisa to eat some breakfast so she didn't pass out in the middle of her vows (how much would that have sucked), and then we got down to business to defeeeeeeaat the Huns. It was HAIR AND MAKEUP TIME, BIOTCHES. I opted not to have my hair or makeup done because I'm high maintenance and also when I was in high school I spent a lot of nights in front of the mirror playing with my hair and makeup, so I feel pretty confident being in charge of everything above my neck.

I'm still doing no poo, and I washed my hair on Monday and Thursday, and so far I'm still loving the results of the no poo. I ended up styling my hair all on one side and I've never done it that way before but I think it's safe to say I'll be using this style again in the future. Also I don't know why whenever I took a picture of my hair I ended up looking like a huge jerk but that's just the way it worked out sorry.
 Everybody was a little nervous because it was raining off and on in the morning but when we did pictures at the church before the ceremony the clouds had dried up and it was perfect! It's glaringly obvious but I'll say it anyway: Lisa was the most beautiful bride, and the love and happiness she was feeling on Saturday just radiated everywhere.
 This wedding was different than any other wedding I've attended because of one thing: the timing. You know how most weddings start late? That's usually due to miscommunications and complications resulting in the wedding party not being ready on time, but not at the Aldridge wedding! At 2:50 the bridal party was sitting in the bridal suite totally ready. At invitation time (3PM) the coordinator came in and asked if we wanted to get started then or wait 10 more minutes for latecomers. It was obvious that Lisa did NOT want to wait, but she said, "Ten minutes but NO MORE!" She was more than ready to walk down that aisle and her excitement was palpable.

We passed the time by taking pictures, as you do in those situations.
Bridal party waiting for things to get started!
The bridesmaids and ringbearer
Rachelle, one of my college roommates and Lisa's friend for the past 26 years
 And now I'd like to tell you the story of Lisa's wedding dress. Six years ago Lisa and I worked at a bridal salon selling wedding dresses, and every once in a while we would go to bridal fairs and model wedding and bridesmaid dresses. The photo on the left is us in November of 2009 at one of those shows. The photo on the right is us at Lisa's wedding. You notice it's the same dress, right? Well, a couple of times a year our store would have "sample sales," where we would sell sample dresses for $99. For one of these sample sales we got a box of brand new dresses, and as we were pulling them out of the box we realized that one of them was a brand new $2,500ish gown! Immediately we knew  that somebody from our store needed to buy it. For the past few months, our company had also been involved in a contest which gave the winning store a $100 Visa gift card for every employee. That day (or maybe a day or two prior, I don't remember) we found out that our store had one! Lisa decided to buy this dress with her gift card, which meant that all she paid for her dress was whatever the California tax on $99 was in 2010! I think it was like, $8.00.

TL;DR: Lisa paid about $8.00 for a $2,500 gown. She's had that dress in her parents' closet for almost 5 years, and on Saturday, she wore it to marry the love of her life.
 The ceremony was beautiful. It was held at the Mariner's Chapel in Irvine, CA, and I seriously cannot wait to see more pictures from the ceremony.

Even though Lisa's dress had been at her parents' house for the past 5 years, her father had never looked at it. Lias would go home periodically and try it on to see if it still fit (it always did), but her dad made a point to never see her in her dress, because he wanted to be surprised on her wedding day.

When he was getting ready to see her in her wedding dress for the first time I think everybody cried. He, however, did a great job of lightening the mood and didn't shed a tear. I have a feeling it took everything in him to hold it together.

Lisa was one of the most ravishing brides I've ever seen. I remember so many nights we spent in our apartment dreaming of our wedding days and I know Saturday was more than she ever dreamed it would be, and I just can't say how happy I am for her and Matt.

Just stunning.

Our bridesmaid outfits were fantastic!! Lisa, as the most sparkly person anybody knows, wanted us all in long sequinned rose gold skirts, so we had them made by Love, Alana. We wore white flowy tops from Express, and whatever shoes we wanted. The sequins on the dress fell off as we walked so we pretty much left a trail of glitter wherever we went and it was awesome. The whole thing turned out beautifully, as you can see below.

Since the skirts were so form-fitting I knew I needed shapewear so I headed to Target and picked up some spanx. I don't remember the brand but what I got was like $20 and there were butt pockets to add lift and if you're looking for shapewear GET BUTT POCKETS TO ADD LIFT. Seriously. It was amazing.

After the ceremony we took some wedding party pictures, and then we all headed to the reception. Cortney's husband Travis was a saint and picked up a bunch of In N Out burgers, so we all got to inhale half a burger on the way to the reception. If you're planning a wedding and your reception is in a different location than the ceremony, find somebody to get In N Out or some kind of fast food to give your wedding party a little bit more energy. Trust me. It was a saving grace.

At the reception I threw back a couple of glasses of wine before the open bar ended, and Keith made friends with some guys who were watching the Seahawks game that was playing on a tv somewhere, and then I headed downstairs to remove Lisa's veil, bustle her dress, and take some more pictures

This is absolutely one of my favorite pictures. Hannah is drinking wine, Carizza is fixing Lisa's garter, and I'm gnawing on a cube of cheese. You can thank the best man for this candid picture that will never cease to make me laugh and I'm seriously considering Instagramming it.

Lisa and Matt danced to "At Last" by Etta James, and it was beautiful. The wedding party stood by the dance floor while they danced, and then we took our seats at the classiest tables I've ever seen.

Gold flatware... we would expect nothing less from Lisa
And please take note of their incredible cake! It was a mix of chocolate and, my favorite: funfetti!!!

Keith and I enjoyed taking a few selfies during dinner. Also I tricked the servers into giving me lots of white wine and exchanging my chicken for salmon.

I had the most handsome date there. For SURE.

At one point Hannah and I excused ourselves to use the restroom. While there we decided to try out Mary Kate and Ashley's way of posing by saying the word "prune" while the camera clicked. Seriously, that's how they get their faces to look that way. We totally nailed it.
Then Keith and I and Cortney and Travis excused ourselves to take couple pictures outside. Cortney and Travis posed us for the following picture and I will forever be indebted to them because it's absolutely one of my very favorite pictures of the two of us.

  And that was it. The whole weekend was just wonderful and I am so happy for Lisa and Matt!! Also I'm trying to think of somewhere to wear my sparkly skirt again because even though it scratched my arm all up I love it.


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