Sunday, January 11, 2015

Four eyes isn't an insult anymore

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own*

I'm practically blind, did you know that? When I was younger and playing sports my glasses were really thick and I got teased about them all the time. Now, the glasses that I wear are still thick, but so are the frames, so you can't really tell. You also can't tell because I haven't gotten new glasses in like, almost 5 years, and my eyes have gotten significantly worse since that happened, so if I wear my glasses I still have to squint and even then it's hard to read things and tell who people are.

If I'm not wearing my glasses or contacts, forget about it. Keith makes fun of me all the time, because even when I'm wearing my corrective lenses, I have to squint at the tv, menus at restaurants, signs on the freeway, books I'm reading, the computer screen... you get the idea.

I've been needing new glasses for a long time but keep putting off getting new ones because who has the time to actually go to an optometrist? Not this girl!! Enter: Firmoo.

Firmoo is probably where I'm going to be ordering all of my glasses from now on. My favorite thing about Firmoo is that they allow you to virtually try on any frames you want! Just upload a forward-facing photo of yourself and you can see how any of their frames look on your face. They offer a variety of styles, from modern to classic to vintage... and I had a hard time just choosing one pair!

 If you're in need of new frames, go to Firmoo. Seriously, I loved my experience with them and would recommend them to anyone!


  1. I don't even think I knew you wore glasses! You look so pretty! HAIR TUTORIAL PLEASE.

  2. Maybe I should try these, I'm definitely in need of a new pair!! Plus, yours look so pretty on you! Way to rock those frames!

  3. I just got a new pair from them too since they offered a free frame right after I got my new prescription. I was an optician for four years so it feels weird to order online, but man, I've got really bad eyes too and our lenses are expensive no matter what. Although, Firmoo is a LOT cheaper than any in store place.

  4. With those glasses you could totally fit in at the sock hop. Or a 50s themed party. Maybe the latter makes more sense.

  5. So, um, how did I not know you were blind? Me too! LOL
    Beardy Heart Beauty

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