Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hello Rigby! and I discuss Halloween

 Hello hello hello, and happy Thursday to you and yours! Today I have a special guest: Jenn from Hello Rigby! We decided to collaborate on a post that is all things Halloween since, you know, Halloween is in a mere 8 days. EIGHT DAYS? I'm sorry, what?!?!?!? How did that happen?? Ok just ignore my freak out and let's go ahead and get to our responses. I made Jenn's answers as close to orange as I could and left mine black to get into the spirit.

What was Halloween like for you growing up?

Halloween was by far one of my favorite holidays growing up! Why you ask? Well, obviously because of the non-stop parties! In elementary school, that means classroom parties where the classroom parents made us "Witches Brew" complete with dry ice. As I got older, that obviously meant fun college parties, which I'm sure we've all experienced and may or may not remember.

Halloween for me meant freedom though - my parents are kind of health freaks, so I never got candy or junk food, and Halloween was all about that! Pizza parties, trick or treating, and gorging on candy for days after was my jam!

Growing up, my parents didn't let us celebrate Halloween, which is pretty common in Christian families. For a few years our church had a "harvest festival" where kids could dress up and you could bob for apples (gross) and play carnival style games to win prizes. We never went trick-or-treating but I don't remember it being too big of a deal to me.

Ugh bobbing for apples is gross! I'll take a Caramel Apple over that anyday. Or even a popcorn ball.

I really like bobbing for apples ... but only if I'm the FIRST one doing it! All you do is trap an apple to the bottom of the barrel and bite and you're done and you probably will have won AND not gotten other peoples' spit in your mouth!

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. It's a cult classic (okay, maybe not, but let's just pretend it is) complete with my girl SJP.

I didn't watch many Halloween movies growing up. I remember watching Halloweentown on the Disney channel and I always really liked it!

I loved Halloweentown... until I rewatched it a few years ago. So not what I remembered.

You know, it's been a really long time since I've seen it and now I want to rewatch it to see if I still like it!

What do you not like about Halloween? 

Hmmm, that's a tough one. I actually love that people will go a little nuts over their costume, though of course I think anyone that pays retail price at a costume store is a cheater. I've always been a fan of making my own costumes with thrift finds or things in my own wardrobe!

I don't really like how crazy people go over costumes. I think that's just because I didn't grow up with that mindset. A few years ago I had several co-workers who would start planning their Halloween costumes in JULY! Also, i'm not creative so I hate trying to think of something funny and unique. A couple of years ago I just wore a fake engagement ring and told people my costume was "engaged."

JULY?! Okay, maybe that is a little too nuts.

I felt like it just gave me more time to realize how supremely NOT creative I am!

What is the best costume you've ever had?

As much as I love those that go a little crazy for costumes, I never really have gone too off the deep end with mine. I've been a witch, a hippie twice, Morticia Addams, Avril Lavigne (yeah, I know), Hello Kitty, a "sexy" princess (my college years, sorry), and many others over the years...
Halloween Costumes Through the Years - Jenn at hellorigby!

But the ultimate in best costume goes to Rigby. He absolutely hated every second of it, and it is my duty as his dog mom to embarrass my poor dog child:

Rigby the Shiba Inu in a Skeleton Costume

You NAILED Avril!! Complete with the tie... I love it! My favorite costume I had was a bird costume. Four years ago I got a cheap ruffly yellow dress and sewed a yellow feather boa around the hem of it and colored feathers all over the rest of it and wore orange leggings and gold heels and told people I was a bird. I wish I had pictures of it but that was before Instagram and stuff and I ended up puking on my costume that night ... so.... actually, I think some of my best costumes wasn't even for Halloween. Shortly after I graduated from college I went to a Jersey Shore party and dressed up as Snookie and I'm pretty sure it was awesome... I mean, I ended up hugging the toilet after too many shots of jaeger so you do the math.


What about YOU? What are your favorite things about Halloween? What are some unique traditions that you and your family/group of friends have? Jenn and I would love to hear what you have to say! And don't forget to go check out Hello Rigby! like, now. RIGHT NOW. Go ahead. Thanks for collaborating, Jenn!! Happy Halloween!!!


  1. HAH love the snookie one! Priceless!

  2. ….can't tell if my comment posted or not (BOOO…so I guess I'll retype?)
    My family didn't celebrate halloween while I was growing up either, but we always went to "all saints day" parties at our church and dressed up like St Joan of Arc or Blessed Kateri Takewitha (the token Indian saint, haha). Nowadays I LOVE halloween and go completely crazy designing awesome costumes. One year I was a phoenix and spent a ridiculous amount of time sewing a tulle skirt made out of red/orange/and purple (like flames!). Another year I had to make a wooden hat for my college sculpture class, so I repurposed it for my geisha costume (it was so heavy I couldn't move my head half the night, lol). This year is the first year my husband and I are celebrating halloween together and I've been obsessively creating the parts to our costumes. Can't wait to share photos on the blog! lol (yes, I'm crazy)

  3. Love the costumes! Im the worst at Halloween so I have zero good costumes to report lol

  4. The snookie picture will always be one of my favourites... do you still have those glasses?

    Also, that Avril costume is fantastic!!
    I'm with J, never celebrated Halloween growing up so I never started 'secret;y' doing it until I was 17 and my costumes have been terrible ever since.

  5. Ummm I need to borrow those Snooki glasses immediately pleaseandthankyou. Jenn, I love the Avril costume and also I giggled like a pre-pubescent boy when J wrote that you “NAILED” her. Because maturity.

  6. I have only ever dressed up for halloween, once as a child. Its tradition in Scotland when trick or treating to preform something, recite a poem, sing a song ect. Having to continue this tradition despite living in England at the time traumatised me enough to put me off halloween for life! Although your snooki costume is awesome enough to make me consider reviewing this policy!

  7. I love Hallowe'en. And I'm gonna spell it like that because that's how it used to be done. Seriously, when did that change? I think this year is going to be my favourite costume. I'm going as Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus. It's going to be epic. I've been wanting to be her for the past 21 years. It's happening.

  8. I love the Hello kitty and Avril costume! I haven't had a caramel apple or popcorn ball in such a long time. I love those! Love the Snookie sunglasses. Hocus Pocus is definitely a Halloween classic.

  9. Oh my gosh-- love this post! And Halloweentown? Definitely a favorite! PS- I nominated you for a blogger award. Check out my blog to see it:)

  10. I never thought about the fact that we were a strong Catholic family and we did celebrate Halloween! My dad always transformed our garage into a mini haunted house kind of thing and scared the crap out of trick or treaters. Once my siblings and I reached the age of being too old to trick or treat, we helped him! It was awesome!