Monday, September 29, 2014

It started with HELLO!

**Thanks to Lindt HELLO! for sponsoring this post**

One of the [many] things my Dad and I have in common is our love for chocolate. I remember when I was younger, another family gifted us a 10 pound chocolate bar, and I would sneak into the kitchen and chop away at it, stealing a hunk to eat while I read a good book in my room. Little did I know, my dad was doing the same thing! I think he and I succeeded in eating 80% of it, leaving only a little for the other 5 members of the five members of the family. I'm not even sorry.

With my impending move, I'm looking for different ways to stay in contact with my family beyond a typical "Hey what's up?" text every few days. Enter Lindt's new HELLO chocolate bars! Lindt has recently come out with delicious new collection of bars, sticks, and minis. The flavors are amazing! Before I move and mail some to my Dad in a care package, I had to try some of the different flavors for myself. I got the Cookies & Cream bar and the Caramel Brownie stick.

The chocolate in this new collection is delicious and I know it will make my Dad smile when he sees it in his Hello! care package, and it will be a great way for us to connect over our mutual love of chocolate.

In addition to debuting these chocolate, Lindt HELLO! has partnered with Ashley Tisdale in a new YouTube original series. Visit the webpage and watch as couples make their first connections, and then go ahead and start making some connections of your own! You can also visit this page to enter a sweepstakes to win some great prizes! Sweepstakes are open until noon on October 14th, 2014.


  1. How's about you send one to me instead of your pops? Think about it.

  2. Caramel BROWNIE.

    I feel like I could eat dozens of these. While drinking wine, obviously.

  3. These look and sound good!! You're good at sponsored posts. And I love chocolate