Monday, August 18, 2014

Mostly food.

I like writing about my weekends so you'd better like reading about my weekends. First of all let me just say THANK YOU to all of you who showed such concern for my leg. It's much much better than it was on Friday morning. I had my nurse aunt take a look at it and at first she was like OMG GO TO THE ER LIKE RIGHT NOW and I was like nahhhhhh and then Saturday she was like, "Ok you're probably fine let's just keep it moist." She didn't actually say the word moist, I just put it here to get a reaction because most people hate that word. But now I'm keeping Neosporin on it and it's not hot or itchy anymore so I think the chances of it being a flesh eating bacteria or a botfly maggot are very very slim.

Ok so let's just talk about some things. On Friday I took a half day at work because Keith was coming into town and I wanted him to have lunch with me and my mom, sister, and niece. I didn't take any pictures but at one point I did just plop the baby on his lap to see how he reacted. He looked extremely uncomfortable and they both just kind of sat there and then she reached for a knife and he succeeded in taking it away from her and not dropping her. It was adorable.

Then I was able to talk him out of hiking in the middle of the night so we hiked in the afternoon instead. We went up the really really steep way because I wanted to impress him but after about 15 seconds of walking I had to stop because I was pretty sure I was dying. I got myself together and proceeded to stop about every 20 seconds because you guys it was SO STEEP. And then later we thought it would be fun to go off the trail even though there are a million signs saying "DO NOT GO OFF THE TRAIL" because 9 years ago a guy died by doing that. But we just blatantly ignored the warnings and climbed over bushes and rocks and stuff and then we got stuck and couldn't go any higher so we went down and I didn't take any pictures of that because I was too focused on not dying.

Then we made pizza.

Actually first we went shoe shopping. For Keith. Because he needed new shoes. We've gone shopping for him like four times and you wanna know how many times we've been shopping for me? That would be zero, which is fine with me because I don't really even like shopping.


We drank wine and beer (guess who drank which) and talked and ate pizza and you guys this pizza was AMAZING. I can't even tell you. I don't know how I succeeded in only eating a little bit of mine (because bread) but I controlled myself and I have like 70% of it left in the fridge and it's really hard not to eat it all.

So we ate pizza and drank the beer and wine and talked and didn't take pictures and then around midnight WE TOTALLY VLOGGED. And I'm going to try to post it tomorrow so you better come back. And then after we vlogged I let him read a little bit of my blog and I was really nervous but he said he really liked it so that's good. But I probably won't let him read it again unless I've had more wine.

I took Keith to the airport on Saturday to catch his flight to Alaska and um I cried twice which is stupid. First of all you should know that the airport in my town is TINY. Like, the check in, security place, and everything is in one room. It's so small. So we were sitting there waiting and then he had to go so we hugged and I just started crying and I couldn't stop and then I waited outside for his plane to take off and it was super hot and I was sweating (what's new) and when his plane went into the air I was just standing there feeling like super lonely and abandoned and I cried again. And then I left.

I made the cake and the icing again on Saturday but because it was really hot outside the icing kind of melted but it all ends up in the same place so I don't even care what it looked like.

We were celebrating my dad and aunt's birthdays and everybody was there but if we're being honest nobody cared whose birthday it was because we were all just obsessed with my niece. You guys, she's not even 11 months old and she's WALKING. By herself. She has exactly zero teeth but she can walk like nobody's business.

You guys this post is starting to feel really really long.

Sunday I was like really tired because after church I went to lunch with my parents and brothers and had a bacon avocado cheeseburger and I just knew I should probably work out because I did NOT have a healthy weekend but instead I just kind of laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Then I decided to go on a run so I ran a mile and a half WITHOUT STOPPING which is still a huge accomplishment.

Then I went to Trader Joe's and bought all fruit. See?

Then I got all artsy and took this picture of the pineapple. I don't even know why I bought the pineapple. I mean, I like pineapples but it just feels like it's going to be a lot of work to cut it and make it edible. Also after I Instagrammed this picture I realized that in my effort to get a cool plain background I got a little bit of my doorknob in the picture. And now I can't unsee it and a large part of me wants to delete this picture but I just can't. I feel like this could be a really good metaphor for LIFE like how you try to make everything seem great but sometimes there are little pieces that you try to hide that start to sneak onto your life stage and you can't help it and I'm going to stop rambling now because I need some coffee goodbye.


  1. What a packed weekend. I'm in love with the pineapple pic doorknob or no doorknob. Also whenever I see pics of your nice on IG I smile out loud. I know that's not a thing, but it is now!

  2. Those pizzas look incredible. Also pineapples are easier than you think. I find them easier than melons to cut up and enjoy. But if you are lazy like me you can get one of these do-dads that work like a charm:

  3. SO glad the leg is better and there will be no chopping of limbs. Also, the pizza looks delicious and I kinda hate you for posting a picture when I'm about to eat a yummy (i.e not as good as pizza) salad for lunch.

  4. Thank you for including at least ONE picture of Baby Kate in this post because I was totally disappointed in the failure of you NOT taking a picture of her on Keith's lap.

    Thank you for telling me what that gold thing in the picture was because I wanted to know so bad. Also. I don't think I could hold a pineapple because it looks like it could hurt me and I'm kinda scared of getting pricked #issues

  5. I am SO glad to hear that your leg is better and that you won’t be an amputee. And look at you two ignoring those mountain warning signs; you little rebels. I wish I was eating that delicious pizza right now. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE VLOG, and I am officially adopting your definition of “fruit.”

  6. Can I just say how much I love you. When I read your posts, I feel like I'm sitting right beside you and we are trying to figure out how to cut that stupid pineapple and drinking wine and eating pizza and being total bffs.

    Also, that pineapple insta photo looks super artsy fartsy and profesh. Go you.

  7. Pineapples are way scary to cut into. I still make my mom do that for me because I am a chicken and not really a pro with knives.

    Yay for pizza and wine and cake, now I am hungry.

  8. You could have cropped the doorknob out and I was REALLY looking forward to the vlog today so if you don't post it tomorrow I'm going to throw fruit at your blog.

  9. Um, that pizza looks amazing. Good for you and your self control. I would have totally ate it!!!

  10. The Pizza looks Delicious! I like pineapple but I agree buying a whole one can be a bit daunting to actually cut it open and eat it lol.

  11. Woo...glad that hike didn't happen. Otherwise you might have died that night and we wouldn't be best friends now and someone else would have to get my gross Snaps.
    There is no shame in crying at airports. I honestly think they have some sort of gas in their air that encourages it. It makes you sad, you cry, you go home and book your next trip to see the person you're crying over. My life consists of too many goodbyes (and hellos) in airports. Nick and I dated long distance (Missouri to Maryland) for almost 5 years and I bawled like a freaking baby every single time we parted ways. The worst is when I left him and I had to walk through security, in a VERY crowed Baltimore-Washington International airport, crying so hard. I'm sure people thought my Dad died. Anyway, everyone cries in airports. No shame.