Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The thing about underwear...

(This post is sponsored by U by Kotex pads but all opinions are my own, I promise.)
There are two underwear related things that I hate with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns:
1) Wearing underwear that is too small, and
2) When underwear gets ruined because I don't have the proper protection.
During that oh-so-special time of the month (when I believe ladies should get a free day off work to wallow in our misery slash eat chocolate and watch sad movies and only wear sweat pants and not regular pants) it's pretty generally known that you need protection. And if you don't know that then please stay far away from me. But what about during the rest of the month? How do you make sure your underwear doesn't get ruined without feeling like you're wearing an uncomfortable diaper?

U by Kotex is my favorite brand of that kind of protection. And I'm not just saying that. Whenever I see posts by people about Kotex I sit and think, "Man, that is SO true. Kotex is the best!" And now I get to share this lovely product with all of you!

Plus, since I'm all about judging a book by its cover pad by its wrapper, I get excited about how fancy Kotex makes their wrappers.

U by Kotex has this fancy aspect which is 3D capture core and it will save your fancy panties. Or your regular panties. Or all of your panties that you don't want to have ruined. Don't believe me? Visit Kotex and sign up for your own free samples and we can all celebrate together! (Virtually, of course.)


  1. Agreed! Kotex really is the BEST. Also--I go for the pretty ones too! haha!

  2. Yes I don't trust anyone else for my tampons.