Thursday, October 3, 2013

I don't want to believe it

     I am currently sitting here with dry/red eyes, a sniffly and itchy nose, and trying to focus in between bouts of sneezing and scratching my itchy chin. I don't want to believe it but I think Brittany was right when she said I have allergies. I've never really had allergies before so this is totally new to me and I meant to get some allergy medicine (I don't even know what to get) but I forgot so now I'm just suffering because I don't want to walk down the street to Rite Aid because it's too cold outside. And apparently it's "the Santa Ana winds" that are giving me allergies and they apparently didn't affect me in Los Osos because of all the fog and they didn't affect me in Brea because of the humidity. Whatever.
Sarcasm, duh. Deal with it.
And be happy I didn't show you a picture of the inside of my nose.
     This got me to thinking (a la Carrie Bradshaw, you know how she always thinks and wonders), what else do I not want to believe even though I probably should? So many things but let's not get too crazy, I mean, come on now. Oh and what's this? A LIST!
     //Diet Coke will make me feel bloated and it's not good for me even though that chemical taste is oh so delicious on my tongue buds.
     //Hogwarts is not a real place (besides the one in Florida but Dumbledore isn't there).
     //Josh Duhamel is Fergalicious's baby daddy and he is not going to randomly knock on my door and confess his undying love for me.
     //Aragorn is not real and we will never go to Middle Earth and walk the Mordor Trail.
     //Breaking Bad is over.
     //I'm old enough to know better, like when I eat too much candy and then feel sick. I know better than to do that.
     //I will never get to compete on Legends of the Hidden Temple. Or GUTS.
     //I can't sing like Carrie Underwood.
     //Kool-Aid will never taste as delicious as it did 15 years ago.
     //Neither will eating the plain Kool-Aid powder with a spoon.
     //I'm in my mid-twenties.
     //The Disney channel sucks.
     //My nail beds suck, I have man shoulders, and my hairline is so weird. (If you don't get that reference then you can't sit with us.)
     Also, today is a really great day because it's Cristen's birthday! Cristen and I have known each other since we both worked at Subway 9 years ago (and she'd let me stay at her house and talk to a stupid boy online all night long), and I'm blessed to be able to call her one of my very best friends. Even though we haven't lived in the same town since 2006, we've stayed in touch and always managed to just pick up right where we left off, and that's something I'll never take for granted. She is always encouraging me and everyone in her life to go after their dreams, and when she sets her mind to something there's no stopping her. I'm serious. In school, in fitness, in being a mother to the cutest little boy... in everything, when she's determined to do something, she does. She is, put simply, the best.
     Cristen, I'm so proud of who and where you are today (even though I wish you were still in SLO)! You work harder than most people I know and you deserve the very best, today and every day. Thank you for always being there and for being such an encouraging, supportive, and hilarious friend. I can't wait to celebrate you this weekend!! Get the champagne ready because we'll be popping bottles and downing chips and salsa like nobody's business. I love you!
Plus, she's like really pretty.
Don't you agree? You think she's really pretty?
She is. The camera doesn't lie.
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  1. Hogwarts is is in Florida and you can get a wand and butter beer! DUh!

  2. On October 3rd he asked me what day it was.

    PS I didn't have allergies until I moved to Montgomery and now I die with every season change.

  3. But these sweat pants are the only clothes that fit me right now!

  4. I was feeling the same way at the beginning of the week and when I saw the Dr. he told me I was 'allergic to the outdoors'. I have to take Reactine first thing every morning from now on until ETERNITY. BUT now I have an excuse for not having to mow the lawn, rake leaves, that kind of thing

  5. she's VERY pretty! like, so pretty she's so fetch. and shut your sassy mouth; FETCH IS GONNA HAPPEN.

    btw, i once ate koolaid powder straight with the spoon and had the runs for days. it didn't help that i was at camp :(

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Oh how I wish Hogwarts were real!! and take Zyrtec, there is no better allergy med. I've been taking it for years and the generic works just fine. I bought a 6 month supply for like $30, no lie! Feel better

  7. I just wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we'd all eat and be happy.


    bwhahaha! And um, lessbehonest, we can ALL sing like Carrie Underwood. And we all have her amazing, toned legs.....dangit, I WISH. lol Love this list!!

    1. I would die for legs like Carrie Underwood... although I wouldn't work out. Let's not get crazy.

  8. Hogwarts is real, I'm sure they are going to delivery my acceptance letter via owl any day now.

  9. Allergies are THE WORST! They totally ruin your day (or week, or season)
    With Luck Blog
    Glasses Giveaway

  10. I don't believe your story about Aragorn for one moment.


    Just kidding I love you come back to me.

  12. I don't really want to believe that BB is over either :( Also, I suffer horribly from allergies so I feel your pain!!!


  13. Your allergies should be going away soon because they have come to visit me. Also this post is super cute :)

  14. See I was reading about allergies and then...your eyelashes...holy heck woman. Those are craaaazy.

  15. I live in a constant state of denial. Because, I believe I had a normal and healthy childhood. But, I've never read Harry Potter. Literally, started the first one last night in an attempt to redeem myself SLASH come to understand all the amazing references to the series.

    I SWEAR I'M NOT A MUGGLE. (see how far into it I've gotten?)

  16. Benadryl is the best for allergies! I hope you feel better!


  17. i think we could still make the legend of the hidden temple and guts thing happen.
    like we need to start a petition and like get people to sign it and shit.

  18. I'm sorry you have allergies! Here's what I buy: Generic Clairitin (otherwise you'll pay like $20 for 10 tablets), generic benedryl and sudafed. It doesn't sound like you're at the sudafed stage yet. Benedryl will help you sleep if you can't breathe or will help you not wake up with a headache. Clairitin is for every day. You take it in the morning and eventually it helps your body pretend you don't have allergies.

    Wind + dryness totally makes sense to make some allergies show up. Bummer.

    1. PS. Don't skimp on the sudafed. Pay full price for that ish.

  19. The Santa Anas get me everytime :(my eyeballs are so itchy

  20. Damn allergies. I'm sorry, J. That's rough :(
    But I like this list - and I refuse to believe this schtuff. Also, um, I know diet coke is bad for me and all - and I haven't had it in like 2 weeks, but omg I miss it.

    This is the most random comment, ever. My bad.