Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We're moving and it will be just like New Girl

     If you didn't know already (how could you not?), I'm moving on Sunday. Have I beaten that dead horse enough? And also, that expression is awful and I don't think I'll ever be using it again. Sorry. ANYWAY, where was I? Oh, Jacey and I signed a lease and we're moving on Sunday. You already know that though because I've talked about moving a few times. Like when I went mattress shopping, and when I thought about all the things that can go wrong when I move, and even waaaay back when I found awful apartment listings online. (FYI I just wanted to plug some posts YOU'RE WELCOME.)

Jacey and I have been friends for 10 years soooooo it's safe to say we're pretty close. I mean, we've seen each other at our best and worst. I've seen her puke, she's seen me faceplant in a driveway after a night of Jameson and ginger ale. I've seen her go through breakups, she's seen me break her picture frames. Etc etc.

I know they say not to live with your best friend but I just googled stuff and really you're just not supposed to live with your best friend in COLLEGE. We're both out of college, so we're safe.
We like to think we know exactly what it will be like living with each other. I'm sure nothing will go wrong and we won't end up hating each other. Basically it'll be just like New Girl except without the three guys. So it'll be Cece and Jess living together but neither of us have bangs.

First of all, you should know that we're moving to a COLLEGE town, which is a little bad because we've been out of college for a few years and everyone just looks SO YOUNG.

Also, we're having a jar. Not a douchebag jar, but a jar for whenever Jacey leaves a lid/cap off something and whenever I forget to soak the coffee carafe in water before I go to work (and whatever other annoying things we find out about each other). We'll spend the money on responsible things like milk and utilities booze.

We'll probably go around the house being a little annoying and it'll be cute at first but then we'll want to smack each other.

Also, we'll probably drink a lot of wine.
Slutty wine.

And then we'll decide to go out since we'll live TWO MILES away from downtown.

But we'll have a hard time deciding where to go, and should we pregame?
Should we go to a sports bar or a dance bar?
Should we go to happy hour or the late night bars?
Should we wear heels or slippers?
Maybe we should just stay in?
Should we call anyone?
Should we text our ex boyfriends?

We'll end up going to a dancing bar but it will have been a bad idea because the only "dancing" I do is pretending to drop it like it's hot and doing backbends.

Then we'll have shots and I'll try and do a backbend and both of us will text people we shouldn't, and we'll try to flirt with guys and get free drinks but we'll fail.

And then we'll decide to leave because no one wanted to flirt back except for the 40 year old in the mandals.

And then we'll go to Enzo's where they serve breakfast 24 HOURS A DAY.

And then Jacey will have to work on a Saturday morning at 6:45 and I'll be all:

But then Monday I'll have to be at work at 7 and Jacey will be off and she'll be all:

And sometimes Jacey will come home from work to find me wearing interesting attire. 

And then we'll push all the living room furniture against the wall because we want to make SO MUCH MORE ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES.

Oops that wasn't New Girl don't care that's all the end.

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  1. New Girl is seriously the best gif show on the planet. What are you gonna spend the jar money on?

  2. Lol i LOVE New Girl!! Looks like you are going to have a ball living together.

    Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

  3. Yes, It's totally gonna be JUST like that!

  4. See...I've never watched it...but now feel I must.

  5. okay a few things..
    number one: this post made me want to fake sick immediately so I can go home and binge watch New Girl.
    number two: always go to the dancing bar. they're more fun than sporty bars, usually, and besides, if no one wants to flirt with you slash buy you drinks, you can just drink on your own dime and dance with each other. which is like only a half win, but whatever.
    number three: i kind of want to move in with you now because it just looks like fun.
    number four: make sure you play True American at some point. and invite me over to play too.

    mmkay that's all.

  6. your lives sound so amazing that i want to live with you too! i can be CeCe's weird Russian roommate that's not really involved in much, if you're feeling weird about this offer. just kidding. but seriously, i hope your lives are just like New Girl in all the best ways possible! [:

    -Nicole @ A Peek Into New Chapters

  7. Can't wait to visit ;)
    Love, your stalker I mean friend Rachael :*

  8. I need to watch New Girl after I finish the last 4 episodes of Greys. And I wanna do a post like this with gifs, so tell me WHERE DO YOU FIND THEM ALL. Oh and I won't share the horror story of my bitch of an ex best friend who I lived with. But she was already a bitch before we moved in, so you and jacey will be fine.

  9. this post made my day because I LOVE New Girl. I need to finish season 2 on netflix though...

  10. Living with your best friend is the best, way better than living with a douche, I mean boy.

  11. I love all the new girl references I totally lived that life living with three guys and wrote a post about it but hadn't heard of New Girl yet but I really wish I would have because it would have made my post SO. MUCH. BETTER. Sorry for making this about me and not you.

  12. How about everything in this post makes me want to be your third roommate. Warner will be the 4th and we will be one big party.

  13. This is just plain old awesome..I totally want to move in with the two of you. I could be Emily and CeCe and I would get along splendid because Schmidt wouldn't be in the picture...mmmk?

  14. Have fun moving!!!!!! I hope it's better than all the times I have moved. where shit just gets thrown into whatever and stays in boxes for years afterward!

  15. So there's room for me to move in.. right?

  16. Your imagination and hilarious stream-of-consciousness had me laughing throughout this post (and tempted me to start watching New Girl! Yes I know I know, way behind the game...) The douchebag jar sounds like a great idea!! I also love how you use gifs in your posts, would you be willing to share a tutorial and spread the knowledge wealth? I am the least tech savvy blogger I know :(

  17. ahhh now i see why you needed that helen harris gif ;)

    so, i keep hearing SO much about this show and now i feel like if i don't watch it, i don't belong.

    can i move in?

    dibs on one of the two kitchen drawers. you know - for my knick-knacks.

  19. Slutty wine is the BEST kind of wine. Happy for you guys!!!!!!! =)

  20. This is about to get creepy....

    Last night I had a dream that I was watching the new season of 'The Bachelor' and you were one of the contestants on the show. I was all like ''s 'The Other Juliette' and no one else had any clue who you were. You and the guy didn't have any sort of love connection and you were pretty sarcastic to him, but you were the comic relief of the show so they kept you around for a few episodes. I think Sami was in it too but that is a bit of a fuzzy memory.

    So moral of this comment is that if I drink Hard Cider before bed and my body weight in french fries, I dream of bloggers.

  21. Just a note: I lived with my bestfriend for 5 years DURING college and we're still bestfriends. Closer, actually. There is hope.

  22. I am currently in college living with my best friend from high school and honestly its the best decision ever! I know you have already moved, but it is always nice to come home to a friend rather than just a "roommate" who can relate to you and know how your day really was, all with just a look at your face or a few words! Wine nights are very often, and cure just about any bad situation- they even work well to talk about things going wrong in the house! Just remember to communicate and everything will be perfect!
    Best of luck- and also, I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog, I can relate SO much to every one of your posts (especially the single ones aha)

  23. This like literally might be my favorite post of all time, ever, on any blog. Seriously.

    This is EXACTLY how Amanda and I are with each other. FYI, you'll get on each others nerves from time to time but you should be able to get into a 'groove' that works for you. We've literally been best friends for like 15 or 16 years and we've lived together for like 4 of those years and it's still pretty awesome.

    But seriously, these New Girl GIF's just made my night.