Sunday, September 29, 2013

Don't drink and blog

     This post does not count because I'm writing it at 10:30pm after moving all day and watching the Breaking Bad finale and I can't even form complete thoughts and I'm taking Monday off of work so we can organize this fantastic apartment and eat bacon waffles and I still don't have a bed and Bridesmaids is on right now and I just feel so bad for Annie and I have two boxes of the rocket pops Popsicles in the freezer right next to some ice cubes and adult beverage enhancers SO basically life rocks peace out see ya on the flip side (Tuesday).

     An aside: how is Helen able to be "Helen Harris III"? Unless I guess maybe she didn't take Perry's last name when they got married? I always thought that was just supposed to be a part of her character but I like to think its just WRONG.

     Also, my moving recap will tell the story of how we learned that a queen sized box spring does not fit up our staircase and also how Jacey's mattress came pretty close to decapitating me. Also, moving is really hard and I just want everything to be done. Who wants to buy me a bed? Who wants to set up my room for me? I just don't wanna. 

     This is the end. Kids, don't blog on your phone after an emotional day of moving, the Breaking Bad finale, and vodka. DON'T DO IT. 

     I might delete this as soon as I wake up. 

     Tonight we went to Food 4 Less and when we walked out of our apartment there was a black cat which some people could see as a bad omen but I'm just going to sit here and try to figure out how I can get it to come live in my closet. I reeeeeeally want a cat but Jacey is "allergic" so I'm not "allowed" to have a cat. Whatever.

     Aaaaaaaand I don't know how I'm supposed to to eat healthily when I can get Rocket Pops for $.98 cents at Food 4 Less.
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  1. Ha! Definitely a successful Sunday!

  2. Okay, I watched Bridesmaids when it came on USA the other night and was totally thrown off when she was referred to as "Helen Harris III." It's very perplexing.

  3. rocket pops are my life. i love when i get to the blue part. nom.

    i love you more and more with each passing day.

  5. Moving sucks. Thank God for rocket pops! I would be dipping them in vodka if I was in the middle of moving.

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