Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Bonnie's Throwback Thursday
Birthday Edition
Update: I just got in a lot of trouble because Jacey (you might remember her from this post, this post, and even this post) has left me for a week and I promised her a shout out (side note why do you need a shout out you don't have a blog or even a Twitter!!!) and I forgot. So Jacey here you go  now stop bugging me and come home please the end.

Go shawty, it's yo' birthday
We gonna par-ray like it's yo' birthday
We gonna sip Bacardi like it's yo' birthday
And you know we bnfhaue kdjfaoiude birthday!
(I don't know all the words.)

Bonnie's topic today is birthdays, so let's do some flashing back.
Today is the picture book post, where I have so many pictures and very few words.

My second birthday which I don't remember but if you look at my face is obvious I was in heaven.
(Actually I was probably just really excited about the cake because of NOM.)

My third birthday where I was obviously a little more reserved and mature and couldn't be getting giddy like a baby anymore.

Who wouldn't be excited about a pile of crafts and clothes and other presents? Le duh.
Loom weaving set. I made so many potholders with that thing.

That's me. On the left, in the pink, and I don't know how old I was, but I definitely wasn't old enough to appreciate the amazingness of that tan.
Le sigh.

Twenty-one. I definitely remember this birthday.
I was dating a guy who thought it would be romantic if I didn't spend my birthday evening with my friends, so during the day Lisa and our friend Skyler took me to this great little restaurant next to our apartment where I had a chocolate cake shot (BARF) and a long island that I tried to make more delicious by squeezing the juice of a thousand lemons into...and it failed miserably. That evening that boyfriend tried to cook me fettuccine alfredo because one time I mentioned that I liked it, but he burned it so we had hamburger helper. Then we went to a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant where we were the ONLY people there and they gave me flan.
Flan is gross.
Plus I didn't like margaritas at the time.
I think I might have still been in my Smirinoff Ice phase (LE BARF).

Fast forward another year and I'm single (*confetti*) and I hadn't planned anything (because I'm the world's worst party planner) so when I got home from work my roommates said, 
"SURPRISE! We're taking you line dancing!!!"
And it was FANTASTIC and thank you so much!
I don't know who this guy was but obviously I was the most excited person at Incahoots.

Then, the next year my roommates outdid themselves and threw me a candy themed party.
That, my friends, is a cake in the shape of a gumball machine. (Have I mentioned my obsession with bubble gum?) There was a candy bar with all my favorites, little pink champagne glasses, and they gave out toothbrushes as favors. And so many of my friends showed up and we partied all night long because twenty-three WHEE!

Twenty-five was chronicled here.
Basically the moral of the story is that if I didn't have such great friends I would definitely have spent my past birthdays in my pajamas watching Jeopardy and eating Moose Tracks ice cream from the carton.
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  1. Cute! I spent my 21st birthday at a hole in the wall in my hometown where I got lapdanparty!. hmm that sounds like a good blog topic. I love the candy themed party.

  2. awesome post. so cute. cute cakes. cute pics. cute gifts. Love the weaving thing. wish I had one even now. :p so much fun. kicking it old school style

  3. I'm the same way in that if it wasn't for friends I would be in pajamas watching something on TV enjoying something bad for me. Yay for friends!