Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family - Another Birthday

I come from a sort of large immediate family. Two brothers, two sisters. I'm #4 in the lineup.
June 3 was Kathrene's birthday, and today is Robert's!

This cute napping little kid is a man now, at 27.

When Robert and I were little we used to dress up as twins because we were both blonde and when you're little and blonde you look alike apparently.
Thankfully we grew out of that by the time we were ten or so. I think.
Ok fine, except for that time in college when both my brothers and I were on the same intramural softball team and we had matching shirts. And shorts. And hats. 

Robert started at Biola two years before me, and it was SO great to have him (and my older brother, John) there for support and to give me a heads up on which classes and professors were the best!
Also, Robert worked for campus safety so for the first two years I was able to call him and ask for rides across campus and that was highly convenient.

This guy is one of the funniest people I know. His quick wit and large vocabulary make most family gatherings (and random conversations) so much fun and way more lively than they would be otherwise!
He's also a fantastic writer. Poems, limericks, short stories, name it, Robert can write it!
He got me into Arrested Development and I am eternally thankful.

Robert and Kathrene have been celebrating their birthdays together for 27 years.

Robert is on the right.

I am so lucky to be able to call this guy my brother! I am so thankful to have the family I do.
Our get togethers are always a riot and we have so many great memories!
Like playing nerf-wars when we were kids.
Or going to the baseball card shop after piano lessons to get red and blue sour worms.
Or watching The Office on Thursdays in college.

Also, Robert's always game for dressing up for things!! Here we were seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one. You can figure out who we were, and if you can't then we need to spend a weekend together marathoning eight particular movies.

So, Robert, happy 27th birthday!! I think your next year will have a lot of changes and I'm excited to see the adventures you take! You are an awesome brother. Really. One of the best.

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