Wednesday, May 8, 2013


pleated poppy

Sorry to do this with no warning, but would you believe I actually switched my wardrobe up a little?? 
They're cropped editor pants from Express, and I'm in love. They're form-fitting but SO comfortable!
For someone who works in an office and is sitting for the majority of the day, comfort is key.
Top and pants: Express
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Local (and out of business)
Wednesday night I got even MORE comfy and it was awesome.
Top and pants: Express
Cardigan an shoes: Target
This was my "I woke up late and didn't try even a little bit" day.
Mocassins/Cardigan: Target
Pants: The Gap
Top: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

THIS outfit I was so excited about! I bought this dress from Express in January and I wore it for the FOURTH time over the weekend (to Jenna's wedding). I am planning on wearing it two more times by the end of June. It's comfortable, classy, and a great color! I wore this outfit to Jenna and John's wedding in Exeter.
Dress: Express
Belt: Target
Shoes: Crazy Jay's (I had to switch these out with wedges because the wedding was at a winery and stilettos  plus dirt and grass is NOT a good idea. Turns out it was a REALLY good thing I switched because with the wedges I was able to be a dancing machine but not the kind you would have enjoyed watching)

Sunday was casual and this might be one of the most awkward ways to stand so don't try to recreate this look. I wore this to brunch with Cristen and Maddex.
Sandals: Old Navy
Cropped jeans: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Top: Target
Purse: Aldo

Pants: Express
Shoes/Top/Cardigan: Target

Boots: Target and they're falling apart and have tons of scuffs on them but I thought it was going to rain so I wore them to keep my feet a little warm and it worked.
Pants: The Gap
Top: Target
Blazer: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. 

Maybe it's time to get a new blazer too.
Or maybe I should just stop being lazy and try to figure out other things to wear.

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