Wednesday, May 15, 2013


pleated poppy

Seven days, more than seven outfits, hardly any worth sharing.
Those boots on the left? I wore the sole off of the left heel. Just the left heel. I'm having separation anxiety at the thought of throwing them away, even though they were cheap from Target and they might be dangerous. Probably need to start investing in boots because those were CHEAP (in every sense of the word) and only lasted about six months, which isn't long enough for me.

Boots, top, cardigan: Target
Pants: The Gap

Shoes: Target
Pants, Sweater: The Gap
Scarf: French Quarter (local)
Glasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shoes: Toms
Pants: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Sweatshirt: Victoria's [got a] Secret

Today I made the mistake of not wearing a flowy shirt, which was a mistake because I ate clam chowder yesterday AND pizza and I'm pretty sure you can see it and no one deserves that.
So, no pictures of that.

Do you have brown boots? Where did you get them? 
Do you have slim/skinny black slacks? Where did you get them?
Have you ever tried no poo'ing your hair?

Seriously. I need help please.


  1. I have two paris of brown boots: flat boots from Crazy Jays, super cute, inexpensive, and have held up very well (I love them), and some with heals that I bought on super sale at Khols, orig $100, but got them for $40, and are super cute and good quality.
    No black slacks, and when I go out with dirty hair, I pile it on top of my head and tease the crap out of it until I can put it in a volumesc bun. Its awesome :)
    Love you, very cute. I need another tutorial so I can join your WIWW :)

    1. Thanks, Cristen! I'll have to check out Crazy Jay's. I hardly ever go in there anymore and forget about all the shoes they have!
      Next time I visit we'll have to go back to that shoe store! I think it was DSW?

    2. Oh yes... DSW. The orphanage for shoes. They cant wait to be picked, and brought to a loving home.