Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That One Time

Do you ever have things happen to you that make you think, "This is gonna make a REALLY good story one day!" I do, and I'm sure you do, too. While trying to put myself in a better mood, I decided to think of some of my "good stories." That was a really good idea. I've been entertained for a while now just thinking back to younger and dumber times. And I've really been wishing I took more pictures.

 One time I went to a club in Hollywood at 10 on a Saturday night and there was an Italian buffet.

One time I met a guy at a bar in Fullerton and I convinced him to bring me a breakfast burrito and Diet Coke to work the next morning.

One time I made my own bird costume for Halloween and made really good friends with a guy in a pig costume.  And an Obama costume.

One time my neighbor Tarik came over and sat on my couch and drank my water and talked about how he remembered things from before he was born.

One time I went to a Jersey Shore party dressed as Snooki and made friends with lots of guidos.
(Fun fact: I'm wearing that same shirt at work today!)

One time I fell off the elliptical machine at the gym, got my leg caught in between the pedals, and made THIS <-------- happen="" leg.="" my="" p="" to="">

What are some of YOUR good stories?

(Not mentioned: the time I knocked over the display case in Rite Aid, the time I accidentally hid "ADD AS FRIEND" on an enemy's facebook wall, and the time I split my pants right up the middle while playing first base at a softball game.)

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  1. My roommate and I are sitting here with our mouths open staring at this bruise. HOW IN THE HECK DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?!? Oh my lord.

    Also, I want more details about the buffet at the Hollywood club.

    Also, can I come visit and go to a Hollywood club with you? I'd like that.