Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Takin' It Back Tuesday

Last night I played softball at 9 in the nighttime and it was really hard and we lost and I'm the world's WORST loser because I just can't handle not winning. When I bat I like to glare at the pitcher to try and intimidate him and it's been working because two of the pitchers have commented on it lately and last night the pitcher threw a really short and low pitch and people yelled at him and he said, "She's intimidating! She's got that tiger eye going on!" And then the next pitch was perfect and I swung and CRACK! and it went all the way to the outfield but the stupid left fielder was good and he caught it.

All that to say that I'm in no bright mindset today so we're doing an episode of Takin' It Back Tuesday.
I made that up.
If you know of any fun link ups or parties I'd like to hear about them, pretty please, because I like to be a part of things that are fun.

This edition is all about college (frosh and soph).

When I was a cute lil' froshie in college I went to Universal Studios with my brothers and parents.
I have absolutely no idea who the guy in the suit is. I'm sure I could figure it out but to be completely honest with you, I'm too lazy.

Sometimes we dressed up and went to movies. This was at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, and I bet you can't guess where we were. I'll give you a hint: it was outside of the lego store. I'm 67% sure we were going to see one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but I can't be certain.
(And I'm not going to check because, again, I'm lazy.)

In 2008 my brother graduated from college so our whole family was together and my older sister and I took some cool pictures together and here's one of them. It's a good thing she doesn't read my blog [at least not that I'm aware of] because she'd probably say something like, "Oh em gee, that picture is totes embarrassing. Take it down now PLZ."
But I wouldn't, I won't.

This was a cool story.
In 2008, after my sophomore year, I had to stay in Southern California because I had a job (which was actually a really really cool job) that was demanding, so I endured one of the worst summers ever. And that's another post for another time. Karin came and visited me one day and we went to old town Whittier (I think...?) and bought a couple of scratchers and ended up winning $10, so we went to this old diner and split apple pie A LA MODE and a milkshake. Aaaaaand it was delicious and it was really nice to have a day where I wasn't completely lonely. Most of the afternoon I would just have to sit on my deflating air mattress in my room with the aluminum foil over the windows and try to catch up on Grey's Anatomy.
(Pick me. Choose me. Love me.)

LaRae on the left.
I once was a fresh[wo]man with shorter hair and apparently some really good volume.
We had a dorm competition called NationBall which was really just a campus wide dodgeball game and each dorm had a color: our dorm was black. Obviously we had to put eyeliner on our faces and have really skinny eyebrows so we'd intimidate the other dorms and I guess it worked because HOLLA WE WON.
Watch out Beyonce because I think I'm looking SASHAFIERCE.

That's all I have for today, please don't be too sad it's over.

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