Friday, May 10, 2013

Photo Friday

It's Friday. The week has been really long and really full and really fun.
I got dressed this morning and was feeling ok about my outfit (I tried a lot harder than I did last Friday) and then when I got to work I realized that in my barely awake state of "It's 6am why am I getting dressed" I had accidentally put on a navy blue tank top with my otherwise beige and black outfit, and not only does it clash, but it has three giant holes in it. (This happens to alllllll of my tanks. I wear them a few times and then right at the hip they get a hole or three. WHYYYY? Does it have something to do with rubbing against the belt loops on my pants?? Or is the universe just AGAINST ME?)
This Friday felt more like a Monday in disguise.

Let's move on and talk a little bit about one of my favorite things: FOOD. 

I went to Pizza Solo for lunch on Wednesday and it was a GOOD decision. I decided it was a go big or go home day, so I went huge because I had to go back to work later and wouldn't be able to go home. Pizza AND solo stix?? Just up my pants size right NOW thankyouverymuch. I enjoyed solo stix and a margarita pizza (FYI there are no margaritas in this pizza so don't be fooled) while I did my Bible study.

We're going through this great book about overcoming anxiety and conflict, and I have to admit that I like it way-hay-hay better than our study of the book of Joshua. It's more relevant to the things we're all going through in life right now and the questions allow for more thought and discussion than our previous book.

When I first moved home and didn't have a real job, I supplemented my (non-existent) income with babysitting. ^^^This little guy was only three months old when I met him!! Isn't he THE CUTEST?? I got to visit him and his mom on Wednesday after work, it was great!

Recently I switched from coffee to tea, which I hate about myself because I've always felt that tea-drinkers are pretentious snobs** who want to pretend that they're British when they're NOT. BUT, I actually have British/English heritage so my consumption of tea is justified. And while I'm surprisingly enjoying tea by the gallon every morning, I'm not going to start calling myself a tea-drinker because there's a LINE of pretentiousness and I'm not willing to cross it.
**I realize that tea-drinkers aren't actually pretentious snobs so don't get offended.

On Thursday evening I joined my friend Amy for the SLO Famer's Market. On a Thursday evening, if you're ANY fun at all, you're at Farmer's. I haven't been to Farmer's in a while ... so ... I guess that tells you a lot about me. Anyway, on Thursday I met Amy for Farmer's and dinner and drinks. It was fun to be out on a weeknight but I definitely paid for it this morning (with my torn and clashing tank!)

We were too hungry to walk around and instead went to a fabulous place that I've blogged about before: Eureka Burger. I will ALWAYS love Eureka. It's SO good, but I wish their prices were a little more reasonable because $7.75 for truffle fries is kind of ridiculous.. We split a fig marmalade burger (trust me, it's amazing) and an extra order of truffle fries (because they're THAT good...and when did truffles become a type of FUNGUS and not a type of CHOCOLATE??). 

It. Was. So. GOOD.
Plus, Amy and I haven't really had too many opportunities to get together because we're both pretty busy with work and life in general. And playing softball together on Mondays doesn't count as hanging out.

Yes, I was as tired as I look. (Are my eyes even OPEN???)
Amy's hair looks like model hair. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

Drinks, because it was Thursday.
(But really, who needs an excuse???)


Morro Bay is one of the most beautiful places EVER. I can't believe how lucky I am go get to live ten minutes away from such a picturesque place!!! On Wednesday after our Bible Study someone commented that it was going to be a beautiful sunset, and whenever that happens I like to go to The Rock and take pictures. Take a look at some others here.

Yes, it was a long and full week, and I loved it.
This weekend we're celebrating Mother's Day (like everyone else, I hope) and I think I'll try to make it a point to get some tank tops that DON'T have holes in them. 
And I'm going to see the Gatsby movie. I've never read the book (SHOCKER!) so I really don't know what to expect other than 20s styled hair and flapper dresses and the oh-so-perfect LEONARDO DICAPRIO who can do no wrong (have you SEEN Titanic???)
And tomorrow I get to do something I haven't gotten to do in too many weeks:
sleep in with no alarm IN MY OWN BED.
*Angels singing*

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