Saturday, May 4, 2013

I did things this week

At the end of every week, against my best efforts, Rebecca Black's "Friday" plays over and over in my head.
That was a lie.
PART of it plays over and over in my head.
(And I am proud to say that the reason is because I don't know the entire song.)
"Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Something something somethingYeah," and that's about it.
"Thank God it's Friday niiiiight, and I ju (jus jusss) st got PAID."
"It's the freakin' weekend baby Imma bout to have me some fun!"

Sorry I did that to you. No one deserves that torture.
But at least you didn't have to actually listen to me sing it!

I'm just trying to explain that I REALLY. LOVE. FRIDAYS.

The week in a recap:
On Mondays I go to brunch with my dad. We typically go to either Louisa's Place (I'm drooling just thinking about it) or Big Sky Cafe in San Luis. You really can't go wrong at either place, but I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to food, (unless you try to feed me sushi).
This past Monday we went to the Apple Farm. 
I had to have pancakes.
I must have had low blood sugar.
(I didn't have low blood sugar. I had zero self-control.)
Apparently ViSalus has actually worked some because I wasn't able to finish those two cakes! Normally I would have downed them and then been sad that I didn't have country potatoes or bacon.


On Tuesday nights I help out at AWANA at our church. (It's a kids group, click here for link.)
Tuesday's theme was "Pie Pig Out."
Kids got to race to see who could eat a piece of chocolate pie the fastest ... without their hands.
They probably hated it. Personally I was a little miffed that I wasn't able to get in on that action.

...that is, until I found out about the action I DID get to get in on.


That's my dad.
(I've been assured that he still loves me.)

Some of the kids got to throw whipped cream pies at a couple of people,
and SO DID I. 
I got to throw a plate full of (an entire can of) whipped cream at my dad's face.
I may have gotten a little carried away with myself when I squirted whipped cream directly from the can right onto his head, but sometimes when you're having a lot of fun it's really hard to know when to stop.

Except, he said I got some in his ear and he was having trouble hearing.
Pretty sure he was trying to get a reaction, didn't work.
He's not even mad and I'm not even sorry.

They're one of the keys to my heart.
So I bought one for myself on Wednesday and it brightens up my desk.

My face got angry at me. Like, really angry. It was like "HA I've been clean and clear for over a week and I'm tired o' that." And this angry angry angry thing happened and it HURTS.
(I *may* have tried to get rid of it using force.)

The sunsets lately have been extra good. God has really been on his A-game!
(As usual.)
I love sunsets. A lot. 
That's probably because I know that I'll get to go to sleep soon.

Taco Temple has been in Morro Bay for a while, apparently, but I had NEVER HEARD OF IT until I moved back to Los Osos in July. They have THE BEST food ever.
Those pictures? What you're looking at is a chicken TACO. That's right. It's a taco.
It should be called giant plate of amazement, because that would be accurate.
Plus they have great chips.
And bread pudding.
And it's right next to the beach.

Doesn't get much better.

I'm heading to the valley this week for a wedding!
Let's see if I can learn from my mistakes last week and NOT drink a gallon of water and have to stop fifty million times and make my drive twice as long as it should be.
(I'm not counting on it.)


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