Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hashtag Hamberger Wedding

Writing a lot of details about my weekend sounds really overwhelming (and no one really even cares. I know you're all just here for the pictures), so I'm really going to try and just stick to the basics of what happened. If you're one of the several people I texted and/or yelled "READ MY BLOG!" to on Saturday night, 1) you're a really good friend for actually doing it, and 2) I have a feeling I was less than polite about it so this is my official apology.

I left the comfort of my bed before 7am on Saturday and made it to Diamond Bar around 11:30 to spend some quality time with Alyssa while sipping iced espresso with white chocolate syrup by the pool.
Since I was in no condition to be wearing a bikini (screw you solo stix and my lack of willpwer), my feet were the only part of me that got some chlorine.
I don't want to be dramatic, but I've considered plastic foot surgery.
The worst part of summer for me is not being able to wear socks and shoes that cover my whole foot.
I have a huge issue with my toes. We don't get along because they have issues.

I got to eat Chick fil A with Lisa which was one of the best things OF MY LIFE.
Waffle fries are some of the best nomz.

We ran into Kaitlyn's for a few minutes and looked at some really pretty things and really weird things. I hate it when you pick up a really really pretty mint top that looks like it would be really flattering and modest and then you turn it around to look at the back and it looks like a cat got to it or the company just forgot to finish making it. I didn't even take any pictures of that because I was too mad.

I was also mad that this pretty flower ring wouldn't even fit on my LITTLEST finger.

Sunday we skipped church (I'M SORRY AND I COULDN'T HELP IT) and I didn't take any pictures of when I visited my brother at his new apartment and gave him paper towels, soap, and candy or when I visited my other brother and his wife Amy. Since apparently food is all that matters to me I DID succeed in taking about five pictures of my lunch [with Cortney and Lisa] at Bruxie.
You guys, it's a WAFFLE SAMMICH.
And Jacey said that it looks disgusting but what does she know? She also thought that Florida was three hours BEHIND California time so let's not take her word for it, OKAY?
It was an over hard egg, bacon, cheese, and avocado, ON A WAFFLE. And you eat it like a taco.

My old roommate Taylor and her adorable baby Carson came over to the apartment while I was getting ready for the #hambergerwedding and I didn't take any pictures of that either because I was too busy trying not to overheat myself while I blow-dried my hair in the heat of May in Brea. 


My friends Johnny Hamilton and Emily Berger (hashtag just came together for ya, didn't it?) finally tied the knot!! I met these two at Biola and I was so glad to be able to be there on this special day! Emily's dress was the Snow White dress from Alfred Angelo's Disney princess collection. It was STUNNING. 
The decorations were really pretty too, and they totally fit Emily's personality.
Emily and Johnny both play in a band that has had three or four different names and I think the name now is "For All Seasons" and you might wanna go check it out. They used to sing in chapel and Emily has a really beautiful voice that you'll love. Johnny's the drummer. It's adorable.

I don't remember what they danced to, but it was a really sweet song that hadn't been overplayed AT ALL so thanks for that, Johnny and Emily.
At the reception they had a slide show of the two of them and it got me teary. So sweet.

Karina was in the wedding, so she generously loaned me her husband Joe for the ceremony and the first ten minutes of the reception so I wouldn't look all awkward and lonely. 
It didn't help much.
So I wore my sunglasses almost the whole time because isn't the the universal, "Please do not approach me"?
At the reception they had a lady making Shirley Temples and I'm pretty sure she made other stuff too but I didn't care because HELLO IT WAS A SHIRLEY TEMPLE.
And there was cheese and I mean, what else could you possibly need.
Check out Karina's eyelashes!!
They're fake.

I drank 4 or 5 of these, I don't remember exactly. I thought I was going to bust out of my spanx but it was totally and 100% worth it and I wish I had one right now.

Karina, Emily, and me. I'll never forget our college days and the classes with The Muehl (aka the god of comm studies) or Lewis. Remember that one time we dropped our papers off at Lewis's house and we accidentally followed him home and we ran up to him and begged him not to count them late and he DIDN'T? That was awesome. Or the times we stayed up all night eating junk food and watching YouTube videos instead of actually working on our projects? Or the times we went to Chick fil A and got free food because they loved Biola? Or the times when I couldn't drive to Chick fil A because I had too much junk in the car? Or the time Karina almost slept through graduation?
"I saw Emily Berger wearing a white v-neck t-shirt, so I bought FOURTEEN white v-neck t-shirts."

I left the wedding around 9:30 because I am a grandma.
Actually it was because I had to make the four hour drive home and I didn't feel like sleeping and driving.
It's a bad combo. Don't try it.
And don't get a Jr. bacon cheeseburger from Jack in the Box because it's disgusting.

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