Monday, May 13, 2013

Along came a spider

Guys, I made a bad decision last night. It sounded like a great idea at the time and I don't completely regret it, but I'm paying for it today.
I stayed up to watch the live Survivor finale last night. It didn't end until 11.
"But Juliette, you're young and spry, you can handle a late night can't you?" you're probably asking.
Well, no. I can't, apparently. It wasn't over until 11pm AND we were delayed because we had to kill a gigantic spider AND I still had to make a 42 minute drive home so I didn't go to sleep until 1230 in the AM and then I got up at 530. Ok fine 5:54. So today if you're actually reading this you get to read lots of run-on sentences and scattered thoughts.
I'll try to be concise (ha, yeah right).

On Friday after work I lived the high life of a single girl and read for an hour at Barnes and Noble. I did that partially because I want to read a particular young adult novel (not Twilight) but I don't want to pay for it and partially because I had gotten an iced latte from S-bux and didn't feel like sitting in my car. On a side note, I'm only 4 stars away from the gold level which I don't actually care about but I just can't stop buying S-bux drinks so that's some really good mind magic they've got going on. Star system FTW.

So after that I DID end up sitting in my car because I needed to charge my phone, and then Jacey and I went to Cheesecake Factory and drank those delicious beverages and ate that delicious food and then went to watch Leonardo di-licious in a horrible movie called the [not-so] Great Gatsby.
Don't watch that movie. I tried to fall asleep in it because I was so bored but when I was unsuccessful we ended up leaving (after only an hour!) and eating solo stix, AND I was in bed by 10:30, so I'm counting it as a win. A big win. The part where I slipped ever so gracefully in Pizza Solo was only half a win, however.

On Saturday my brother woke me up at 9:15 in the AM and we went down to the bay and had coffee and discussed lots of life things. Then we picked up my mom and drove to Montana de Oro and went on a really short hike. Los Osos is really cool because at first when you drive into town you think, "this is lame, they only have seven stoplights and like, NO sidewalks and no actual fast food and people LIKE it here?" but what they don't realize is that we have a bunch of hidden gems. Like Baywood, Montana de Oro, Sweet Springs, the top of the world (not the official name), the Elfin Forest, and almost a sewer! AND you can get to any of these places in under ten minutes. Come for a visit, I'll show you around. It'll take five minutes.

"Hey mom, for Mother's Day let's go climb some dangerous rocks above some crashing waves! It'll be fun!"
She didn't complain and we succeeded in taking some awesome pictures and making even awesom-er memories. Happy Mother's Day.

My aunt is a self-proclaimed "woman of abundance," and at all our family gatherings she never fails to deliver a FEAST. It's always delicious and I always need a little lie-down afterward. This time we scaled down a bit and 'only' had four lasagnas along with salad, fruit, bread, and KING CRAB legs.
(I accidentally typed "king crap" legs which is actually accurate since I really don't like crap. Oops.)
Dessert was apple pie, fruit, and whipped cream.
My pants size DID go up, thanks for asking.

I know my photography skills are exceptional (snort) but I wasn't good at taking pictures of people during dinner or after. No one wanted pictures taken and I wasn't about to say "but it's for my blog!!" because then I would have actually had to tell my family that I have a blog, and we aren't going there yet. The only picture I was successful in taking was the one above of my sister and her husband.
Their baby (due in September) is going to be BEAUTIFUL.

Sunday afternoon (after the best nap ever) I went to Templeton to watch the SURVIVOR FINALE.
Templeton is way more inland than my home and is almost always a good 20+ degrees hotter.
Sunday was no exception.
My friend Jennie lives at the top of a big hill and this was the view of the sunset. It almost made me forget how hot it was. ALMOST.

Her cousin found a kitten in a shed and brought it inside. NOTHING could go wrong with that scenario.
I would like a cat more than ever, please.
She can sit on my lap while I watch Jeopardy and crochet, yay!

And there was chocolate chip ice cream which my innovative mind turned into a root beer float because there was actual root beer and I'm a genius.

And then there was a WOLF SPIDER that we found in the night and it was the size of a golf ball (not exaggerating) and no one knew how to get rid of it and NO WAY was I going to try and smash it so I just tried to get people to leave it alone until I left but no one was listening.
"Wait! I'll go get my samurai sword to kill it!"
One of the boys came in with windex and a BB gun and was dead set on killing it that way.
"Just get a book and smash it!"
Someone came in with a FLY SWATTER.
I was really helpful in shouting "NO!!" from the couch on the other side of them room. FINALLY they caught it in a cup and threw it down the toilet and flushed it. Twice.

Sorry that this wasn't as exciting as you probably thought it would be but I'm tired AND I had banana pecan pancakes for lunch so I can't be bothered to use silly punctuation.

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