Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Update with PICTURES

Over the weekend I went down to Brea to celebrate my goodgoodgood friend/old roommate Lisa's big 25th birthday. 

**Please take a moment to notice the difference in the weather. I live on the LEFT and I was going to the RIGHT.**
(I know I said I went to Brea, but I was also in Chino and the weather in Chino was a degree or two hotter and I really wanted to show the biggest difference in the weather that I could.)

On Friday I took off at 1:15 (3/4 work days are the best), figuring that I'd make it down there by 5 o'clock because I'm a big fat optimist. I'm also a really kind and generous people-pleaser, and agreed to drive my friend's 11 year old brother to Glendora. So my brilliant plan in my genius mind was to cruise down the 101 highway at an average speed of 72 MPH, drop him in Glendora, and make it to Brea in 4-4 1/2 hours.
note: I did not mind driving him down. He is a very well behaved 11 year old.

"HA!" Said the Universe.

Things started out great. We stopped at In N Out in Santa Barbara,

-Just heaven in a bun-

and were making good time down 101. And we only had to stop three times because Little Miss Peanut Bladder behind the steering wheel thought it was a great idea to drink 3 liters of water before and during the road trip. Stupid.

I finally pulled into my old apartment complex at about 7pm, and hurried inside to tackle Lisa in a loving HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU pounce. But she was on the phone. So I stood there like an ape. Then I was informed that my outfit was wrongwrongwrong because apparently "Dress Pretty" doesn't mean black skinnies and a Lauren Conrad top with ballet shoes. It means a dress. Duh. Really though, that was  my bad, because after living with Lisa for 2+ years I should have known to wear a dress to her birthday dinner. (This glamtastic girl wore a rhinestone necklace to a birthday dinner at Chick Fil A.)

So I did what anyone in my situation would have done: TARGET, because you can't go wrong with Target. Ever.  And I'm very proud of the result.

-From day to night-

I swear, it looked better in person. I don't know what it was, but the adrenaline rush of having to pick out an outfit rightnoworwe'llbelate must have prompted me to buy these blue shoes. And a gold belt. Don't judge it by the picture, I always look awkward when I do the hand on hip side stand pose.
(PS: Sorry for cropping you out, Lisa.)

Lisa had her dinner at Joe's Japanese Restaurant, and it was so much fun! The staff were all so nice and accommodating to our group of 14ish. Lisa and Carizza got there early and decorated the table. It looked amazing! Lisa and Carizza are in the wedding/event planning and decorating industry so they were totally in their element and it showed! My pictures of the table aren't that great; I'm still getting the hang of taking pictures that are fun to look

Top L: Wafer cookies dipped in frosting and sprinkles. Made by Lisa.
Top R: Chelsea covered Lisa's birthday date in gold glitter! Some people are creative. *Jealous*
Bottom L: Lisa made everyone a place card. Another smart idea.
Bottom R: Me, Lisa, Cortney. Blondetourage.

I'm not a fan of sushi, so while everyone else was ordering beautiful plates of raw fish that I'm sure was still wriggling (No matter how pretty it looks, I still know that it's uncooked fish and that's gross)...

I ordered my safe usual chicken teriyaki.
It was delicious and I'm not sorry.

We were all having a great time talking and laughing, and then we were given sake and some kind of beer that starts with an "S" and a few of us decided to do Sake Bombs. Except it wasn't actually Sake. So really it was some kind of a mystery beer bomb. 
I don't like beer. Or bombs.

And this time was no exception.
Six of the eight ladies who have lived in the Brea apartment. 

The traffic was worth it to be able to spend Lisa's birthday evening with her! This girl and I have been close ever since we lived together the summer of 2009. She's the one who made me stop wearing T-shirts and jeans every day. Move to San Luis already!!

Remember how I went to Target and picked out an outfit in a frenzy? Sarah (Lisa's sister-in-law) got her outfit from Target, too. Apparently when Andrew heard that I was at Target he bet someone $10 that we'd end up matching.
I'd say someone owes him $10. Even the shoes are the same color! Really, what are the chances??

We ended up just lounging back at the apartment for a while after we were done with dinner. I didn't take any pictures of that because I suck, apparently.

The next morning Lisa, Christine, Chelsea, and I went to Pepe's to get breakfast burritos and it was one of the best decisions ever.
I've had dreams about Pepe's, you guys.

I realize that even with my mad awesome Afterlight editing skills the burrito doesn't actually look that great, but trust me: IT'S AMAZING. I also love their nacho fries. I can't even explain it. 
I could try, but I would do a bad job.
Just picture hot golden french fries covered in cheese and potatoes and bacon and sour cream.
Then multiply how good that sounds time 1000. You almost have an idea of how good they are.

After the burrito fest I got creative with my hair because I'm really fashionable and cool.

Then we went out to the pool (because it was 85 degrees or something crazy like that) and I am really glad that in this picture you can't tell that I have a little webbing issue with a couple of my toes.

I'm also glad for filters because my legs were almost as white as the cement around the pool but you can't even tell. 

After the pool I had to go to Target again because I mean, hello, it's TARGET and I have needs. So Cortney, Lisa, and I headed out. But first we had to stop at Coffee Bean to get some sweet nectar of the gods iced white mochas.

-If I hadn't lost my Juicy sunglasses in that hotel room this picture would have been so much better.-
"Sucks to suck." - Jacey.

At Target Lisa found this atrocious delightful Cruella De Vil shoes. Thankfully she didn't buy them.

After that we hugged goodbye and promised to text each other and visit soon. I'm pretty sure we'll be keeping those promises.


Before I moved back to Los Osos I was a nanny for a family in Diamond Bar. I love this family dearly and I'm so glad that I still get to see them when I'm in the area! 

Nighttime cuddles with the youngest. When I met her she wasn't quite a year old...now she's three!

I don't have any pictures from the rest of that night because I left my phone charger in the car and my battery was kaput. Plus we were really busy getting ready for the oldest girl's thirteenth birthday party. Plus I'm just really bad at taking pictures in general.

On Sunday morning before the party I went to my old church in Chino with Karina and Lisa. Karina and I became friends during our last year of college when we bonded over all night cramming study sessions, stickykeys, and naps on lawns. She got married in 2010 but we're still friends. And honestly, she is one of the most genuinely sweet people I know (even when she's telling me "I don't like you. I'm gonna smack you). So kind.

Then, it was luau time!!

What luau is complete without a roasted pig??

**The birthday girl**

The four girls, oldest to youngest.

Lisa and I made a pit stop at Starbucks before I headed on my way back to Los Osos.

I had my co-pilot with me for the drive back.
Reminder: He's 11.
So we talked about football.
Guess who knows 28 of the 32 NFL teams?
He does. And he thinks I do too but he was giving me hints (and I may have been peeking) so I don't think it counts.
After another 5 1/2 hour drivewe 
made it home.

We would have been way faster but we had to stop at In N Out because little miss fatty pants had to have another double double.
(Sorry, ViSalus, I'm not sorry.)

I loved seeing everyone but I'm gonna be honest: I missed sleeping in my sweats.
I'm not even kidding.

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