Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It took me a solid thirty minutes to figure out how to download Google+ and sync my photos so that I can upload from my phone. Guys, I really wan't kidding when I said that I am technologically challenged. But I finally figured it out, and the result is the 11 photos that you see below. Oh, and I pretended I knew anything about editing on Afterlight and fiddled with some lighting. 

One of my friends ~Cristen~ and I after one of our hikes up Bishop(s) Peak. I feel so blessed to call this place my home!! [Side note: Bishop(s) Peak is a volcanic plug.)

*On Wednesdays we wear PINK*
(This was on a Friday. We went to Hofbrau for french dip sandwiches.)
Members our our Wednesday night Bible study. Currently we are going through a book on overcoming anxiety. It's one of several in a fruit of the Spirit collection. So far we love it!

I went to Santa Barbara with my good friends/old roommates. In Afterlight I accidentally flipped the photo around and then I never switched it around. Oops. 

My aunt has a garden and THIS juicy berry is one of the first of her blueberry crop!! 
Beets. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Melons. Berries. Squash. Peaches. Spinach. Broccoli. Cauliflower. 

My partner-in-crime Cristen again! I love it when she comes over from the valley!

This is Amy. We were friends when we both worked at Subway (a loooooong time ago), and she recently moved back to the area from Hawaii. We are enjoying playing softball together again on Monday nights.

Our Santa Barbara day. Lisa (center) and Cortney (right). I will always be thankful that 229 miles apart hasn't kept us from being friends!

I started the Body by Vi challenge (which I LOVE) and then stupidly went to Eureka Burger in Santa Barbara with Lisa and Cortney. While they enjoyed their juicy amazing fig marmalade and maui wowie burgers, I reluctantly happily chewed on my kale and cabbage chicken salad.

Jacey is the one who made me realize that I needed to move back. So, in turn, I convinced her to join the Body by Vi challenge with me! Here we are advertising our (surprisingly) filling shakes.

Our family celebrated Easter on March 30th, due to scheduling conflicts. So on Easter Sunday a few of us were able to go to lunch in Morro Bay. This is photographic evidence of me and my brother Robert.



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  1. I didn't know you did ViSalus! I did too for a while, it was what made me realize I'm lactose intolerant. Fun times. I was having two per day with a cup of skim milk in each and Greek yogurt in each. Aka I was sick every day for 3-6 months before I finally realized that it was the dairy...