Friday, April 26, 2013

Bruce Wayne got new shoes

Yesterday I had to take my Honda, Bruce Wayne, to get new shoes. Sexy black ones. The gentleman who helped me was pretty nice, and I really liked that he didn't lecture me about not getting my tires rotated. But that's probably because I tried my best to look contrite and said in my most serious voice, "Yes I will get them rotated every 5,000 miles I promise."

He believed me. 
I probably should really try and do that, actually.

Anyway, I really didn't feel like hanging out in the waiting area, so I decided to be active and walk downtown. I did not plan very well.

~What cute shoes! What horrible WALKING shoes!~

Thankfully it was another beautiful day in San Luis (70-72 degrees. I think.) and my walk started out fantastically! I walked down a part of Higuera Street that I never pay much attention to. I saw these lovely homes.

~Definition of dilapidated~

~You've been warned~

That red house is RUN. DOWN. It's a shame because I actually think it's a really cute house, but it probably wouldn't be a very good place to live, because as you can see from the next picture, there are COPS that walk by. That was the walkway right in front of the house. COPS!
Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they COME FO YOU!

I thought the Vapor Gallery was a cute little tea room, but apparently (from my extensive 15 second google search) it's either an art gallery or a hookah lounge. My bad.

I turned around after 25 minutes because MY. FEET. HURT.
I could feel the blister on my right foot.
My purse was feeling heavy.
And did I mention my feet hurt?

It was the longest walk OF MY LIFE.
And that's really pathetic because I just mapquested the distance I walked and it wasn't even two miles total. Apparently I'm a huge wimp.

~Bruce Wayne, you sexy beast, you~

When I got back, Bruce Wayne was ready, and her shoes looked great! And they drive like a dream. Plus it was a lot more affordable than I expected. So, win-win.

Then later at home I decided to do my laundry before it got out of control. I don't remember the last time I could do all my laundry in just one load. Go me! And as I was walking back into the house look at what my bare feet almost stepped on.

~The reason for so many childhood nightmares~

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a potato bug. Now, ok, I know that everything God created is beautiful and amazing in its own way, but I cannot see the beauty in a potato bug. WHY! Why are they here?? What do they do?? They are so gross.
I was feeling so lucky that I hadn't seen one of these guys in the 9 months I've been back, but apparently potato bug/Jerusalem cricket season is back in full swing.

If you read all of this it's probably only because you were really bored.

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  1. That bug is really creepy. I've never seen one before though. I don't know if I have them in Canadia.