Monday, May 23, 2011

Worst Rapture Ever

     I remembered what it was that I wanted to write about. 

     I would be surprised if I encountered anyone who hadn't heard that the Rapture was supposed to occur two days ago, on 5/21/11. Like everyone else, I enjoyed the kicks and giggles that came from joking about how anyone could possibly claim to know the exact date and time of Jesus' return. But then I began thinking about the Rapture and what that means. It means that our time on earth is DONE. It's OVER. We're in heaven answering to and taking responsibility for what we did with the time God granted to us. 

     Are you ready? I am most certainly not! Of course, I cannot wait to join the Lord in heaven, in the perfect place He has designed for us, but I can't help but think about how little I have to show for the life I have lived. I would be mortified if God came up to me right now and said, "Hey Juliette, welcome to heaven! Here's a DVD of your life. Every second has been recorded, and there's commentary! Every thought you have had is on here and will be played out for us to listen to. Ready? I'll get the popcorn." I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I'd be coming up with excuses and rationalizations about every 3.2 seconds. Wait! The reason I didn't tell that person about You was because I REALLY had to pee, and no one wants to listen to someone who is sqirming or has wet her pants! or Ohhhhh when I did this I had just had a really long day and I just NEEDED that vice ... but I promise I was thinking of You the whole time! 

     Don't get me wrong, I know that my sins are completely forgiven and everything, but I also know that I will have to answer for everything. This whole "fake Rapture" deal kind of opened my eyes to what matters. GOD! His kingdom! His glory!!!

     What about you? Are you taking advantage of every day? Are you using every day for HIM, or for yourself? Are you constantly thinking of how bad you have it instead of realizing how GOOD you have it, and how BLESSED you are? Because you are. No matter how bad life is, there are always ways in which you have been blessed. 

     This is what I did today, and it helped:
     My car is old. 16 years old, and with just over 252,000 miles on it. Now, the face that I even HAVE a car is a blessing. (Maybe some time I will post on how I got that car; talk about an answer to prayer!!) I was thinking about how the paint is fading, it needs to be washed, one of the seat belts is cracked, etc. But then I turned it around, and here is what I realized:
     ~My car has air conditioning. How it has lasted so long is a mystery, but I am thankful for it every day, especially in Southern California!
     ~ Automatic locks and windows!
     ~ Some of the most comfortable seats I've ever experienced in a car.
     ~ A HUGE trunk!
     ~ Original engine.
     ~ The best turn radius of any car, ever, no matter what you say. That car turns on a pinhead!
     ~ My speakers haven't blown out!
     ~ I looooove the color.
     ~ It's so safe!

     I could go on, but I'm getting tired. My point is that I've been thinking about my life and have realized that it isn't being lived to its full potential. Is yours?

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