Monday, May 23, 2011

Life is FUN!

     So many things are coming up for which I am so excited!! 

-- I'm going back to camp this year. I haven't been since 2008 (I think ... I'm pretty sure I didn't go in 2009 ...) and I have MISSED it. And this year I will be going for TWO weeks instead of my usual ONE. Can't wait!!

-- Biola's graduation is this weekend. It is CRAZY that it's been a year since I walked across that stage ... those three seconds FLEW by! It will be really nice to see friends I haven't seen since last year, but I don't like the nostalgia that comes with graduation. Boo.

-- My birthday. I don't actually care about my birthday. Crazy, I know. BUT I'm excited because my birthday kicks off the 16 days I will be at home/camp. Three consecutive weekends spent at home with my family and friends will be SO nice.

-- Gas prices to go down. Seriously, the other day I was able to get gas at an Arco for $3.95/gallon!!! And I'm really excited to not think that $3.95/gallon is INEXPENSIVE. Stupid.

-- My wedding. Just kidding.

-- Going to Arizona. I've been planning on going to Arizona to visit the Williams' but it hasn't happened yet, but this August I'm bound and determined to make sure it does! It WILL happen. IT WILL.

I thought there were a lot more. The first three are the most imminent and thus the ones that demand most of my focus and attention and excitement, but I'm excited for the last three also!!

In other news, the new season of The Bachelorette kicked off tonight and is being played in our apartment as I type. I HATE how seriously some people take this show. None of this is real! Come ON! I mean seriously. Just come on. 

That's all for now. I'm sure more interesting things that I want to blog about will come to my mind while I'm on the cusp of sleep or when I have the baby sleeping on my chest tomorrow, but this will have to do for now.

P.S. I decided it's time to stop blogging about wanting a boyfriend/husband/family, because it will happen when it happens. I'm perfectly content and happy with the way things are right now, and why speed up my life when I don't need to? So, NO MORE wistful emo lonely posts, or thoughts of posts. The end. Kaput. Finite.

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