Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy happy joy joy


This was last Christmas. Thanks to Angenette, our family tries to take a walk down to the bay on Christmas morning. When we were younger it was always really fun to wake up really early on Christmas morning and it was hard to wait for Grandma and Aunt Janet to come over so we could open presents and get the festivities started ... but the past few years it's been different. Most of us have wanted to sleep for just five more minutes! And a walk early in the morning isn't something that makes us excited, but I'm glad we did it. Since Kathrene got married in June and now lives an hour away from home, and John is getting married in March, I would be shocked out of my pants if the Christmas morning walk happened again. This was also the day before Kathrene got engaged. So, I think it's the last family picture we have when it was just the original 7 of us together, before anyone was seriously committed to another person for the rest of his/her life. Oh yeah, and then there's Ange's dog, Coco. I don't really count her.

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