Tuesday, October 19, 2010


lately, i have been having an extremely difficult time falling asleep. i kmow im exhausted, but i just lie here for hours, my mind racing. often i wake up feeling unrested, and my back is sore. im getting really sick of this. nighttime is when my mind just wont shut up.

taylor and i talked for a long time tonight. we talked about our pasts and old relationships, the present and whats in store. i have a lot of secrets that im not willing to share. fear of embarrassment and shame forces me to keep myself guarded, very guarded. in some ways thats a good thing, but in a lot of areas it can be dangerous. im prone to emotional constipation, and it can cause a lot of bacteria to form in my life.

in other news, my budgeting has gone well. day one was successful.

and my back hurts.

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