Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dirty Window

     Here we are, at exercise #2.

What I Viewed Through the Window of My Childhood Bedroom"

     I shared that room with my younger sister. We used to rearrange our furniture, and we used to let it get extremely messy. On days when we were feeling like exceeding our mother's expectations of us, we would give our bedroom a deep and necessary cleaning. It often lasted late into the night, and gave us an excuse to stay up past our bedtime. We had a large window that faced our neighbor's backyard. Our window also faced a bedroom window in their house, and I always wished that a family with a girl my age would move into that house, and we could become really close friends and have a cup-and-string telephone from window to window. Sadly, that was never the case. When we were in elementary school, we had a neighbor who had two dogs: a pit bull and a rottweiler. I've been trying for over an hour, but I can't remember that neighbor's name. I think it started with a "K," and I think she had a female partner, so we'll call her Kris. Kris was strange. She shocked me many times. She was probably in her late 30's, but she looked much older. I remember her having tangly hair and dark, leathery looking skin. He backyard was not well-kept, and she liked to party. Kris also liked to sunbathe. This was strange for two reasons: 1) in our town, it was never warm enough to sunbathe. More often than not it was foggy, and when the sun did come out, it was an apprehensive sunlight. It was like the sun was nervous that the fog would come back and get mad at him for shining his warm, buttery light down on us, so he stayed just cold enough that it was always a good idea to have a sweater on hand. 2) she sunbathed without a top on!!! Bikinis were already foreign to me, but she was completely topless! I remember numerous occasions when I went to my sister and giggled as I told her that Kris was out there ... again

     Not only was Kris scantily clad, but she was also LOUD. After the sun went down, Kris let her wild side come out. She'd throw a party, probably so all of her friends and potential hook ups could admire her new tan. Kris would have a bonfire, beer, and cigarettes, and her dogs would go crazy! This did not work well with my 9 o'clock bedtime. There was one night when my dad decided he was going to go over there and ask them to quiet down a bit ... he had five children who were trying to sleep,, for Pete's sake!! When he went over there I listened intently ... I was actually nervous that he was going to get hurt. Kris's friends looked a little rough around the edges. But my dad came back just fine, and the music actually quieted down a bit, also! 

By the time I was in Jr. High, Kris had moved, and the family before her had moved in. They had a young son, and my sister and I would babysit him. The view from our backyard changed from a topless beef jerky lady to an actual backyard, one with plants, grass, and family members who always wore shirts. And as I grew older, I became the one who had to be quiet and not play the piano after 9pm, because the neighbor boy was sleeping.

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