Monday, August 21, 2017

Things I've said that make me feel old

The following are actual phrases I've said that have made me feel like I'm maybe getting kiiiiiiind of old:

That's not the kind of cottage cheese I like.

I wonder if I'm getting enough fiber?

That chair doesn't have very good lumbar support.

These pants don't have a high enough rise.

I think the grey hair makes me look distinguished?

These kids are driving too fast!

I think I need another cat.

These shoes just aren't supporting my arch.

This shirt just shows too much cleavage.

Ugh, the beach, there's so much sand!

That looks like a varicose vein.

I think I'm getting a hot flash!

My retirement account is looking a little haggard.


  1. you think you're getting a hot flash?

    wait until you're forty-four. you won't have to wonder.

  2. "Ugh, the beach, there's so much sand!"
    Yup, that was me a few weeks ago... and I'm only 23 T__T

  3. This list is hilarious, and I've thought a bunch of these, too. Especially about the lumbar support and retirement account!