Sunday, July 2, 2017

Parts of Titanic that we all just need to get over

-Why did Old Rose throw the diamond into the ocean at the end? Why didn't she give it to her granddaughter?

     While The Heart of the Ocean could have succeeded in maintaining Rose's granddaughter's highlights, the truth is that Cal probably never would have succeeded in letting anyone in Rose's family keep the diamond. Though Cal Hockley killed himself in 1929, he almost definitely would have put something in his will about that special diamond which would have cemented its place in his family's fortune. So even if Rose's granddaughter had been given the diamond, it would have been taken away immediately. The only way for Rose to make sure Cal or his family ever saw the fortune 
of the diamond was to make that stupid noise and toss it into the ocean.

-How did Rose harbor all those feelings toward Jack for her whole life without telling her her husband or children about her lost love?

Well, you guys, a woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. There are probably a million things Rose never told her husband about. Also, what would the point be? "Hey, Mr. Calvert, FYI I don't actually love you. My heart lies with a guy who's frozen at the bottom of the North Atlantic. But you know, thanks for the memories and the kidz n' stuff.

-How did Molly Brown just "happen" to have her son's wardrobe with her on the Titanic?

Well, there are several explanations for this. First, Molly's son could have passed away recently and she wasn't ready to let go of him, so she took his clothes with her to America so she could stay connected with him. Secondly and most likely, her son had never left America. Molly had gone to Europe and had bought many, many expensive suits for him and was taking him back to the states for him to wear. She was just so taken with Jack that she decided to let him use some of his never-before-worn suits.

-Why did Rose promise Jack she'd "never let go" and them promptly LET HIM GO into the freezing Northern Atlantic?!?

     This one irritates me the most. YOU GUYS. Rose wasn't talking about "never letting go" of the literal Jack Dawson. If you watched the movie at all, you'd know Rose was promising Jack she'd "never let go" of her promise to him to live a full life. Rose made the most of her life and found loe, happiness, and fulfillment, because she knew that's what Jack would have wanted. She promised Jack she'd live her life and THAT'S WHAT SHE DID.

-Two of them could have fit on that door.

     YEAH I'LL NEVER LET GO OF THIS ONE. They both could have fit on that door, period. Rose took the door AND the life jacket? SELFISH B.

**Did I miss any? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments**


  1. I LOVE this post, and I agree 100% with everything!! :)

  2. omggg - the last one killed me haha - you're too good!

  3. if they'd both been on the door, they most likely would've sunk.

  4. I have a different take on Rose tossing the Heart of the Ocean into the sea. It still drives me nuts and always will, but I interpreted it as her looking at it as an object of nostalgia, and not as a priceless treasure. Her tossing it away was basically just letting go of that one last piece that tied her to Cal and her mother and all the things that had oppressed her. Giving it over to anyone to profit from it would have been passing along Cal's selfish legacy.

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