Friday, July 21, 2017

How college shaped my future

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"Have I helped someone today?" - is a question I ask myself on a daily basis. I feel proud and accomplished when I'm able to answer, "Yes." Because of my college education, I am in a career which enables me to truly help people every day. Were it not for my education, I would not be where I am today.

When I began my college career, I had no idea where life would take me. I didn't know what I wanted to be or where I wanted to end up, but I knew that having a college education would greatly increase the opportunities I would be given. I knew that college would give me me lessons from books, professors, and individuals, and I knew that every single thing I learned would be put to good use after my college career was over. There were many times when I was struggling to study for a test or finish a paper, and I would think about my future and about how the things that were difficult at the moment would shape my future.

About halfway through my four years of college I realized that what I was truly passionate about was helping people. I wanted to help people in whatever capacity was available. I was so thankful I'd chosen to get my degree in Communication Studies because it taught me all about relationships and how human beings interact and learn from and with one another. It taught me how human beings gave and accepted help from one another.
In every job I've had since I graduated from college in 2010, I've been able to help people. In addition, with every job I've had since I graduated, having a college degree was a necessity. I speak with 100% honestly when I say that obtaining my degree enabled me to be where I am today.
During my senior year of college I was the president of my major's honor society. I was able to head committees, functions, and fundraisers so that our society could help other people. Through this society I was able to learn how to organize functions, delegate tasks, and communicate with co-workers. The opportunities I was given in college forever shaped me and my work ethic.

Today I am employed at a doctor's office. Had I not completed college, I would not have been hired. I am able to go to work every day to a job I am passionate about, a job which allows me to wholeheartedly answer, "Yes!" when I ask myself if I've helped someone today. 

When I go home at the end of the day, I feel fulfilled. I find myself excited to go to work in the morning because I know what I am doing will make a difference in somebody's life. The fact that I would not have this opportunity without a college education is not lost on me. At every opportunity I am given, I have encouraged young people to pursue a college education. When somebody says to me, "I don't have a specific career path chosen; I probably won't go to college," I encourage an education because it can lead to infinite possibilities which can help anyone realize his or her potential.

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  1. It makes such a difference when you love what you do, doesn't it? And when you get to love your job. It's really sad how many people do not feel fulfilled by their jobs.