Monday, May 8, 2017

If I didn't have a job

I am currently in the midst of not really working. My office (I work for a doctor) is going to be closed for a couple of weeks so I've been able to go in to work for a couple hours a day but then come home and do lots of things that I don't normally get to do, like go to Wal Mart at noon! Watch Good Morning America! Wear sweat pants all day! Take naps! Cuddle General Patton! Tweet!
It's been reeeeeally nice and I think I'm going to have a bit of a hard time going back to work for real on the 19th. On Wednesday I'm going to visit my family in San Luis Obispo and I'll be there for SIX DAYS! It's been quite a while since I've been there for longer than 36 hours and I'm really looking forward to playing with my nieces, going to the bluffs at Montana de Oro, and visiting family and friends that I rarely get to see. Watch out Instagram, I'll be on you a LOT.
Having this time off has given me an opportunity to think of things I'd be really good at doing if I didn't have to go to work all day. Since I'm loving and generous, I've compiled a list for you. You can thank me later.
-going to Wal Mart. I'll be honest, I used to be a Target snob, but recently I've been way more excited about Wal Mart. They have the Pioneer Woman products and they have the wax melters that I'm obsessed with (the scent is Hello Sunshine and it's citrusy and beautiful). They also have WAY better prices on everything. Plus you don't have to brush your hair before you go.
-Tweeting. If I didn't have to go to work I could just tweet the crap out of my whole day and nobody would be wondering what I'm doing at 10:37 on a Tuesday morning ever again.
-Washing my hair. I feel like I would probably wash my hair more than once or twice a week if I didn't have to go to work. I know that logic seems kind of flawed but in my universe it makes a lot of sense.
-Combing my carpet. Our vacuum is a piece of trash and it doesn't suck up the animal hair so I usually get down on my hands and knees and comb the carpet with a dog brush to get it clean. It's a really good work out and it might not be great for the carpet but the carpet is really old so does it really matter? No.
-Working out. 
-Commenting on blogs. I would be SO MUCH BETTER AT THIS if blogging was my day job.
That's it the end goodbye.


  1. How fun you get to go visit family. I hope you have a great time. Also, I am now a fellow WalMart-er. AS you said, it is cheaper and Pioneer Woman stuff, duh!

  2. hi, this is going to be a poopy comment, but i mean it with love and NO JUDGMENT! WHAT! SO! EVER! just wanted to drop a line in the hope that i could get one more vote... against walmart. your initial target snobbery was correct, please go back! walmart is absolutely the most evil and will ruin our country/the world with its greed if we let it. the way cheaper prices come at a cost that we're all paying so shoppers can feel like they're getting a better deal. no one is winning, it's terrible and draining on the economy in so many ways. if we all pay a little more, we all succeed.

    also, we'd get more of you if you were a sah blogger. xox

  3. OMG that's why you've been so good at Twitter lately! I wish you were always on Twitter to hang out with me more. Also I wish that neither of us had to work, ever, and we could just sit on your huge comfy couch drinking zero-calorie margaritas and watching Parks and Rec all day.


  4. I often contemplate what I would do with all the time that I waste away at work as well. I am confident that I would have a Victoria's Secret Supermodel body, a clean house, crafts that would put Martha Stewart to shame and a home cooked three course meal on the table every evening. Obviously, I wouldn't waste hours doing nothing but watching trashy TV. LOLOL just kidding. That is exactly what would be more realistic, right?

  5. Your time off sounds amazing! I always wonder if I didn't work... would I be super productive or really lazy?

  6. you forgot reading, jules. you know. books. also movies.

  7. Since we don't have Target in Canada, I'm on board with being a Team Walmart... although, I literally go to Target every single time I'm in the US because I love it so much. I think I just completely contradicted myself. Oh well.

    You would be so great at professional-tweeting.

    I can't believe you comb the carpet. That would take so long. I do that with the cat-tree in the living room because I can't be bothered to buy a vacuum for it, and I swear that takes me FOREVER.