Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What almost ruined my wedding

My wedding day was just over a year and a half ago, It was a wonderful, beautiful day, and I was blown away: Blown away by how perfectly some things came together, and blown away by what things nearly ruined my wedding day. Let me explain.

1. I was diagnosed with foot fungus about 6 weeks before our wedding. This meat that my already ugly feet (I have foot issues) were now home to a FUNGUS. I had to cut my nails really really REALLY short and pretty much just pain the skin of the toe. My dr told me, "Well, when you shower with your new husband, just don't let him look at your feet. And if he sees your feet, he's married to you, so he has to love every part of you. That made me nervous chuckle. Thankfully you can't tell in any of my wedding pictures that I had a fungus. That was almost a disaster.

2. The Flowers. I posted about this already but it's worth mentioning again. The corsages were awful! They made me sob the morning of the wedding! I had so many different emotions about those flowers that I almost lost my mind. Thankfully I have amazing friends and family who took care of everything and made it look perfect, like this:

3. I had a giant pimple on the right side of my chin. When I pointed it out to my photographer she said, "Oh, I thought it was just a mole! I'll photoshop it out." Thank god Kristina Adams is the best person in the world. Seriously. There are so many close ups and you can't even tell!

4. There was no ice. Yep, yours truly forgot to plan for ice. I don't even know where I thought the ice was coming from. I probably just flat out didn't think about it because who doesn't think about ice? Luckily my aunt and brothers fixed this problem and I'm not totally sure how but that's ok because the bride isn't supposed to know about the problems the day of the wedding. All I knew after the fact was that it was fixed! People had ice!

5. Some of the tables were broken. UGH. Apparently the morning of the wedding Keith got a call saying some of the tables were broken. I don't know how broken they were, but Keith and people were able to fix them. I wasn't even aware they were broken until we were doing our first look a little later. THANK GOD I wasn't aware! I would have been freaking out!

6. My period started that morning. Talk about inconvenient. I had been trying to plan for this but apparently it's hard to do when your body is stressed and nothing is normal and then all of a sudden your body is like, "Open the gates! Let it happen now!" Yeah thanks a lot, body. You gave me a fungus, acne, and a period, I hatechu.

7. My dress almost didn't arrive. I didn't give anybody the task of bringing my dress to the location in time for pictures. So, what happened was pictures were supposed to start at like, 11, and my dress wasn't there. So I called my parents and they were muddling around getting ready doing last minute things when I finally just said, "Ok IS MY DRESS STILL THERE??"

"Yep..." my dad said, concern in his voice.
Then my dad got all reasonable and said, "It's fine. I'll bring it to you." My dad, who was officiating the wedding, drove 45 minutes out of his way to bring me my dress, then back home to finish his sermon/talk he was going to give after he gave me away. My parents were saints that day. Actually my whole family and all of my friends were saints that day. I had my dress and we did pictures.

8. I couldn't really see going down the aisle. My contacts got messed up and I was trying to get my dad to walk slower and all I could focus on was, "That grey blurb up there is Keith," and "I really need to kick my dress out so I don't step on it. Kick, walk. Not cake walk. This is no cake walk. There is no cake. Well, there IS, but not for a while. Kick, walk. Slow down, Dad!!!"

We made it to the end of the aisle and it was wonderful.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. It wouldn't have been so without the help of all of our friends and family. I just wanted you to know how some days that seem totally perfect have things behind the scenes that make them really stressful. NOTHING is perfect. Absolutely nothing. But those flaws and mishaps are what make us US, and I wouldn't change that for the world!

I would totally change the flowers, though.d

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  1. As someone who is getting married in July, thanks for freaking me out even more than I already am. ;) #stressed