Sunday, March 19, 2017

A poem about spiders

The weather is getting warmer and the spiders are becoming more and more daring and showing up on the walls and ceilings of my house, and it's ruining my life. In the last week I've found 5 spiders ... and one of them was IN MY BED. I was pulling back the covers right before going to sleep and a giant jerk spider crawled out from in my blankets and I almost burned the entire house down right then and there. Since I've been finding these stupid eight-legged monsters all over the place, I've been thinking more and more about where I really don't ever want to find a spider. So, I wrote down all the places I don't want to find them. And to make it more fun, I made it into a stupid rhyme.

(I hope you don't have arachnophobia.)

Do you like eight legged spiders?

I do not like eight legged spiders.

I do not like them in my bed.

I do not like them on my head.

I do not like them in my shoe.

I do not like them in the loo.

I do not like them in the bath.

I do not like them in my path.

I do not like them in my sink.

I do not like them in my drink.

I do not like them on the stair.

I do not like them in my hair.

I do not like them ANYWHERE.

(This may have been the dumbest thing I have ever posted. And I can't even blame it on wine.)


  1. My house has them too!!! I want to die. I have decided it's time to invest in an exterminator.

  2. Spiders are the worst. We have them everywhere and I basically just want to burn the house down.

  3. If I found a spider in my bed I'd probably have to buy a new bed. I HATE THEM. Spiders, that is, I actually really like beds.