Sunday, August 7, 2016

Things I Don't Understand About the Olympics

// Why the female gymnasts have to cover their entire arms but leave half their bootys and entire legs bare, but the male gymnasts have bare shoulders and arms but have everything else covered all the way down to their toes.

//Also why this year all of a sudden it's ok for the male gymnasts to wear flowy shorts that make viewers really nervous every single time they do a handstand.

//How come in swimming you're not allowed to have a SINGLE BODY hair but it's totally ok to wear earrings?

//How synchronized diving is scored. I saw a team execute what looked like a horrible dive because they weren't in sync at all, but the announcers said it was executed "nearly perfectly!" And then another team was perfectly in sync but one of the divers didn't enter the water totally vertically and that was probably going to be "a devastating blow" to them.

//How exactly do you go about being a world famous trampolinist?

//When you're done with the Olympics do you have any future careers that don't have to do with being an announcer for future Olympics? (Looking at you, Tara Lipinski and Nastia Lukin.)

//How come some of the swimmers wear swimsuits practically down to their knees but some of them only wear the bikini kind?

//How are the female beach volleyball competitors comfortable competing in underwear? Aren't the worried about something slipping? Or like, sand getting places where you NEVER want sand?

//Does anybody actually watch all 6 hours of the cycling race?

//Why do the table tennis players stare so intently at the ball before the serve?

//Do the winter Olympic athletes and the summer Olympic athletes ever hang out?

That's all, if you need me I'll be feeling patriotic and un-athletic by sitting on my sofa drinking wine and wearing red, white, and blue.


  1. 1) it's just more traditional and it generally just looks better/nicer. Not all of them wear long sleeves, there was a girl at worlds in 1 sleeve & a lot of countries wear tanks we just don't see them as often. I don't think there's an official rule anymore.

    2) the men have always worn shorts (at least in modern history). They wear a regular leo under (also under their pants) so if the shorts did fall they'd be basically in a speedo type thing

    Whatever # the one about swimsuits is) that's also just about look and being traditional. Speedos are more traditional but not everyone is comfortable in them or like some countries wear the jammers (longer shorts) normally so that's what they compete in. No rules about it except I think no more full body suits

    If you get answers to any others let me know. Especially the synchro diving one because I used to do that and we definitely lost a lot of points if we were out of synch even if the dives were both good so I have no idea. Judging for diving and gymnastics has changed so much that I'm completely lost. Also, I know swimmers shave for maximum aerodynamics so maybe earrings don't really affect that? Not really sure about that. Guess I'll have to keep watching.

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  2. Hahahaha...this is fantastic! About being a world famous trampolinist...I have that question about so many of these sports!

  3. This was spot on! I LOL'd at every single one.

  4. Synchronized diving is mystifying to me (much like curling during the Winter Olympics) but I still just can't pry my eyes away!

    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

  5. Hahaha so many great questions...please do share if you get any answers!! I absolutely love gymnastics and can't stop watching!

  6. I ask myself the same questions. I wish I could have watched more of it but I don't have a tv

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