Sunday, August 21, 2016

If these were Olympic sports I would have so many gold medals

The Olympics may be over, but that doesn't mean I have to stop writing posts related to them. I know I'm not the only one who watches the Olympics and thinks about all the gold medals I would win if certain things were Olympic sports, RIGHT? So, because of that I present to you my list of gold medals I would win if certain things were Olympic sports.
// Eating popcorn. Did you know popcorn is actually healthy for you? Not the way I make it, because I like to get the movie theater butter kind and then put some extra butter and salt on it ... but apparently plain popcorn isn't very bad for you. But I mean, if you're going to eat plain popcorn you may as well just eat a cardboard box. Anyway, I could probably set an Olympic record for "most popcorn eaten in an entire sitting." In case you're wondering, PopSecret makes the best popcorn.
// Holding babies. I can hold a baby for HOURS. DAYS. WEEKS. I mean, probably.
Kynlee, Maggie, Maggie
// Showering quickly. I do not understand people who like to take long showers and use that time to "think." I like to get in and get out, which is a good thing because my state is currently experiencing a 5 year long drought.

// Talking about working out without actually working out. Did you know if you just talk about running 5 miles you burn as many calories as you did if you actually ran 5 miles? Wait, that's not true. Oh. Crap. #mywholelifeisalie

// Reading peoples' TMI posts. Nothing excites me more than a good dose of TMI (unless it's a giant bowl of overly-buttered popcorn). I can't stand vague-posting but when people want to rant and rage about all of their problems on the internet? I LOVE IT. TELL ME MORE.

// Making Honey-Do lists. It is so much easier to make a list of all the things I need my husband to do than to make a list of things I need to do. It's really fun, too. For both of us, probably.

// Filtering the crap out of pictures. Don't get me wrong, I'm not on the level of Michael Phelps, but I love adding a good 30 filters on my pictures. I've toned it down a lot since 2013 when I first discovered editing apps and made my eyes look like they were about to pop out of my head, though. You're welcome.

// Taking pictures of my cat. This is pretty much what I do with 90% of my life. In fact, the biggest reason why we don't have kids is because I don't have enough memory on my phone.
Now it's your turn: in what "sports" would YOU win an Olympic gold medal?


  1. I would seriously challenge you in some of these events. Making a to-do list for my husband? I mean, I am EXCELLENT at that. There is nothing I love more than thinking of things for other people to do. I should probably be a manager somewhere... other than in my own house...

  2. LOVE TMI posts, so shameful, but true. Also - how are you guys, fire-wise!? I was thinking about it over the weekend.

  3. OMG I've gotten hooked on popcorn now that my office is right next to our office kitchen. Once someone makes a bag, I have to make some too. And it's ALWAYS popsecret movie theater butter!

  4. TMI posts are my favorite. Unless they include info about bowel movements. Because people do that and it is sooo gross.

  5. Okay, so you don't mean TMI posts like Melanie type TMI posts about inappropriate or gross thing. You mean airing your dirty laundry type posts lol.
    But I am the same way. I have a Facebook friend, well she's more of an acquaintance, and she is ALWAYS posting about her drama on Facebook. Drama with her ex-husband, her ex-in-laws, with the guys she's dating, how she's choosing to live her life and how others don't agree with it, etc. I love it! It's like a tv show with new episodes air daily! I think this is why I love the Bachelor/ette/BIP franchise; because I don't ever have any of my own drama (THANK GOODNESS), so I get my entertainment from others' drama.

  6. Honey Do lists are great. I've found out that if I put it in the Wunderlist app Tim likes to use, and add relevant emojis, he WILL get it done. Otherwise it's not happening.

  7. That Michael Phelps buzzfeed article is so great. My dad got Instagram this week and I had to help him tone down the filter usage, he made my baby look like she just got out of a tanning bed. I could win a gold medal at wasting time on social media. I can kill a good three hours before I've even realized it.

  8. I love this post! Hilarious! I, unfortunately, would get an Olympic medal in the Showering Forever event. I WANT to get in and out, but there's just so much to DO..... (Stopping by from Micah's "Weekly Reads" post!)

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  10. Swap out cat pics with dog and we're basically twins, haha. Love this!