Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Solar Water Heater

I know I'm not alone in loving a good long soak in the tub (especially if there are bubbles or bath bombs involved). But I'm also not alone in knowing there's nothing worse than turning on the hot water faucet and being disappointed by the lukewarm water that comes out. Lukewarm bath water does nothing for tired, sore muscles or a stressed body.
And what about your laundry? I'm sure you're aware that hot water kills more germs than warm or cold water, and I really love pulling my sheets and towels out of the washer/dryer with knowledge that they're rid of the germs they had when I put them into the washer.

Same goes for dishes. We have dogs, and I've seen my husband let the dogs lick dishes after we're done eating. This would bother me one hundred times more if I wasn't sure I'd be able to get all of the germs off with some dish soap and hot water!
BUT, all good things come with a caveat, right? It's expensive to maintain a hot water heater! I'm even more aware of that since we own our home and all maintenance costs are up to us and us alone. For this reason, we try to be as green and economical as possible (especially during this drought which California is experiencing):
-Composting. Did you know most things can be composted? I didn't know this until I really looked into it. Most of the things we throw into the garbage can be used to fertilized our soil! Things like coffee grounds, eggshels, and the excess of vegetables that we aren't going to cook can all go into a composting bin!
-Turn the lights off. In our home, a light is only turned on if the room it's in is being used. Otherwise, there's no need to waste electricity! We've also tried to cut down on the amount of lights we turn on in a utilized room, as well. We really don't need three lamps turned on in one room when we're watching tv, playing with the dogs, etc.
-Carpool. We live in a mountain town, and the big-box stores are a good 20 minute drive down the bottom of the hill. Instead of just making these trips as we feel like it, we'll make a list and go when we're already going to be "down the hill" for something else, or carpool with another family who needs to run errands as well! This cuts down on exhaust from our vehicles and money spent on gas to power our cars.
One of the newest ways to get your home eco-friendly is by utilizing solar water heating by SoCalGas! This company utilizes the most natural element there is - sunlight - to heat our water and save our planet and our wallets. You can visit SoCalGas's website right now to learn how you can incorporate this amazing system into your lives today! 

This post is sponsored by SoCalGas but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I really like your tips on being eco-friendly and you make it sound super easy as well. I have been looking at these water heaters for a while now and I think they are probably the best way to become green. A lot of friends who have them have also stated that you get hotter water from it than an electric water boiler. I am another offender for using a ton of hot water so it might be a good idea to try it.

  2. Wastage of power can be avoided. I like your sentiments on the same; you have really made everything simple and easy to understand for anyone who aims at reducing costs at home. SoCalGas is indeed a great solution for our water heating problems. It is great in conserving our environment, and can be a great boost to eradicate germs.

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