Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beauty rules you should always follow

1. HANDS OFF! Don't touch your face, period. I'm convinced that making this change is what helped my constant chin acne. You might not think you touch your face very often, but if you really started paying attention to how often you actually do, you'd probably be pretty surprised. And think about how dirty your hands really are. Sure you probably wash them after a trip to the bathroom and you probably usually even use soap, but what about everything you're touching in between? Doorknobs, car handles, other people's hands, your computer, and worst of all: your phone. All of those things have so much bacteria on them and you're just going around running it all over your face. No wonder your pores are so mad at you!
2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Yes, drink your water, but also MOISTURIZER. Morning and night. You may think you don't need to moisturizer if you skin is naturally oily, but you're wrong. Moisturizing will actually help others that. Do some research to find out what the best moisturizer is for you.
3. Stand up straight. Having good poster helps you look more confident, it makes you appear taller and more slender, and the most important reason is that it keeps you out of pain. I'm a notorious slouched but on days when I work hard to improve my posture I notice a difference in how much neck or back pain I experience. 
4. Start with less. When you're applying your makeup, start slowly. It's easier to add more eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil/gel than it is to remove it! Put on the minimum and if you need more, go for it. 
5. Don't pick at your cuticles or hangnails. This is probably my worst habit and I've never actually kicked it. My cuticles are awful and I always notice other people's cuticles, too. And I've learned you can tell who picks at their cuticles and who has self control and therefore beautiful fingernails.
6. Moisturize and exfoliate your feet. I fee like feet are often forgotten because (at least where I live and work) we are wearing tennis shoes 90% of the time. But in the summer you don't want to be baring soles that look like they need to have a chainsaw taken to them. Just some moisturizer after a shower will help a lot. Trust me. Ive been there. 

7. Don't wear clothes you aren't comfortable in. Can't walk in those shoes? Fine, don't. Nobody is making you. Those jeans are too tight? Take them off. You'll be miserable of you try to wear them. Hate berets but think they're cute on other people? Leave them on other people. Wear what makes you happy and don't wear something that makes people pity you for how uncomfortable you must be. 
8. Prime your f ace! Makeup primers are the best inventions ever. There are dozens (maybe more) to choose from and they range from $6 (maybe less idk)- like $1,500 (probably, I don't really know, I don't shop at places that have products that cost that much.)
9. Wash your face! Do not, I repeat DO NOT go to sleep with your makeup on. You wouldn't go to sleep holding a dirty toilet scrubber on your face would you? No. So why would you go to sleep with makeup on? It's the same exact thing. 


  1. GIRL THE CLOTHES. Jason's work party is on an aircraft carrier so we (the women) have to wear flats because of the uneven surface of the flight deck... Lots of women are upset. But THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER because FLATS and fun dresses!

    Also, priming your face. Have you ever used men's aftershave? It's the same products as many primers, but WAYYYY cheaper and the manly smell disappears in two minutes. I'm obsessed.

  2. A make up artist lady told me, "your fingers are cesspools of bacteria and you wouldn't swim in a cesspool so why would you allow them to touch your face" and now I am OCD about touching my face, haha!

  3. MOISTURIZING. Yes. I try to explain to people all the time how much this will help their acne and they don't get it.

  4. When I was 17 I read that putting lotion on your feet helps you relax and sleep better. Now, almost ten years later I have put lotion on EVERY night, no matter if I'm drunk, camping or sleeping during the day. It has made my feet stay soft all year round. I splurge on the Intensive Repair lotion at Target ($8), so much better than the cheap stuff.

  5. *in Chandler Bing voice* Could you BE any prettier?

    Great tips. Love you. Come to Texas. Please and thank you.

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