Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life with a cat

It's been almost a month since we got General Patton, and as cheesy as it sounds, I become more and more in love with him every day. I think Keith is getting really sick of me making him pause our shows (Gotham, Survivor, Blindspot, Amazing Race, Modern Family, etc etc, yes all we do is watch tv shows) to say, 

"Look at Patton sleeping on my lap! He's so cute!" 
"Look at him biting the crap out of my hand! He's so cute!" 
"Look at him licking his butt! He's so cute!"

Currently, Patton's favorite things are:

his butt, biting human hands (playfully), tormenting the dogs, chasing his own tail, and getting his chin scratched, and in that order. He's very flexible when he cleans himself and it cracks me up.

He's an excellent sleeping, and while he doesn't sleep curled under my chin all night like he did at first, he still sleeps right next to me. Usually while I'm watching Netflix (going through Breaking Bad again and just as obsessed as the first time) he nuzzles up against my face and demands that I pet him. Then he goes crazy chasing his tail or playing with blankets for a few minutes before he curls up on my shoulder again ready to call it a night. He always ends up on the bed right next to my feet and stays put until atbout 5am, when Keith gets up for work. At that point he's super playful so I banish him to his own bedroom.

Oh, yeah, he has his own room. We still don't trust him to have full reign of the house unsupervised (we do not have a cat/child friendly home at all) so he gets to stay in the guest bedroom/bathroom while we're at work. He has lots of toys and food and a litter box in there and he's usually sleeping when I get home so I don't feel bad about keeping him in there. When he's older he'll get more house privileges.

He and the dogs get along super well, for the most part. He's like the cool high school senior who is just too important to hang out with measly freshmen. The dogs chase him all the time and he loves it (probably). If he's somewhere the dogs can't reach him (under a sofa, on a bookcase, on the ping pong table) they just sit and stare at him without moving. Like, you know the dog Doug from "Up" and how he randomly says "POINT!" and then sits still as a statue? That's the dogs when they're waiting for Patton to emerge from his hiding place.

He also likes to [lovingly] swat at their faces when he wants to play.

And when they're all exhausted, they basically cuddle together.

Sometimes when I'm petting him in the evening he just passes out and my voice gets all squeaky while I'm like "LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS OH MY GAWSH!"

And then he wakes up and I play with him... and I let him bite/scratch the crap out of my hands. People at work often say to me, "Oh, you have a cat, don't you!" And at first I thought they were commenting on the cat fur all over my scrubs but then I figured out it was because of the scratches on my hands.

But he's cute, so it's totally worth it.

Other things:
-we started using a spray bottle to keep him off of the counter and away from places he shouldn't be (behind the tv, which is the only place other than the litter box that he has pooped) and he hates it so much. Every time I squirt him he acts like I committed a deep act of betrayal and it hurts my heart so much.

-I feel guilty when I clip his nails. I know it's not hurting him and I've never cut too far down but he looks so miserable when I do it and this is why I am worried about having human children one day, because I'll never be able to cut their nails.

-He desperately wants to eat our human food. He gets all up in our business when we eat and if he gets too close I squirt him, but I always feel bad. Especially last night when I had fish tacos because hello, it wasn't his fault his instincts were bringing him to the food.

-I'm his favorite.

-I like to post about him on snapchat (@notthatjuliet). I also like to post about him on instagram (@jliette) and I pretend like he's a human child and I crack myself up.

That's all. Cats are fun.


  1. He sure is cute! I wish my dogs were more cat friendly -- I would love to get a kitten!

  2. He is adorable! I love cats

  3. Okay I'm obsessed. This post made me feel so many things like 1) I WANT A KITTEN. I have a cat, well he lives at home with my parents, but I want a little kitty again at school! 2) Are you going to declaw? I know there's a bunch of debate about it, but my cat was never declawed and I have some nasty scars on my legs/arms to prove it... and 3) the squirt bottle is a savior! Our cat is probably 8 years old now but acts like he's 1 so we still have to squirt him.. there's a reason we named him Rascal...

    More cat posts please!! You're making my inner cat lady way too happy!!!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  4. Congratulations, you're officially a cat lady ;)