Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our New Addition

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family: General Patton! Patton, for short. Or just "Cat!" if I'm feeling lazy.

It's pretty widely known that I've been wanting a cat for years. My allergic roommates kept me from fulfilling my dream, and when I moved to the mountain I began begging Keith mercilessly for a kitten. We discussed it before we were married and then when we were in Turkey on our honeymoon watching a sunset a stray cat wandered into our laps and he promised me that "someday" we would get a cat. And so, for the past seven months I've been badgering him every single day for a cat, telling him all the reasons it would be a good idea, and complaining about how it wasn't fair that he got two dogs and I didn't get any cats.


On Saturday he took his dogs to the vet and when he came home he was sitting on another sofa far away from me paying a lot of attention to the jacket he was wearing. I was trying to take a nap and I thought to myself, I wonder if he has a cat over there, but I didn't want to get my hopes up and plus I was right on the verge of falling asleep and having a lucid dream so we can all tell where my priorities are, I think.

When he said, "Hey, come over here," I knew something was up so I bolted off the sofa and over to his side and GUESS WHAT HE PULLED OUT OF HIS JACKET??


Just kidding, it was a cat!

Since I am a calm and rational woman I immediately burst into tears and became a blubbering mess. I was halfway convinced that I was in fact having a lucid dream but one swipe of the General's sharp tiny claws proved me to me my dream had finally become a beautiful reality.

It took us about 36 hours to decide on a name, and you guys, I don't know how I'll ever be able to name a human being. NAMES ARE HARD. We discussed Napoleon (that was a very close second), Mr Whiskers, Spartacus, Ascot, and Gimli, but General Patton beat them all out. But like I said earlier, I mostly just call him "Cat!"

I'm obsessed with him and I'm trying desperately to turn him into a lap cat, and it's working. He cuddles up on our shoulders all the time and he sleeps next to me at night. Nostril, our golden, is obsessed with him and is always staring at him. It makes Keith feel like chopped liver which is pretty amusing. Clementine, the beagle, was terrified of him at first but she's starting to warm up to him. She's finally looking at him, at least.

Currently I'm pretty worried about him because he's not really eating or drinking (I started giving him water with a syringe tonight) and his behind has been kind of goopy. Also, he's been throwing up bile. We have a vet appointment on Thursday so I'm just trying to keep a really close eye on him until then.

Oh and you guys, he's like really flexible.

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  1. Too cute, I love when they're little kittens...love the name!

  2. General Patton? More like General Catton, am I right? Regardless, coming from a dog person, that's one cute cat.

  3. General Patton I love it!!! Our kitty is named Jackson Cole, and naming him wasn't hard at all. Boomer just came up with it and I went with it. I'll be excited to read more about your kitty adventures.

  4. I'm SO glad he's drinking water now. Naming anything is so hard. Twilight's was just fate because she had a star on her chest (and that's Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark).

  5. Oh my gosh, you got your kitten!! I'm so excited for you and I hope he's totally fine!