Monday, April 11, 2016

Lately [Word Vomit]

Since my husband (it's still so weird to say HUSBAND!!!) is out of town for the week, I've been dedicating my life to things I simply cannot do when he is home. Namely, wearing my most hideous sweat pants, blogging, and eating ice cream out of the carton. And binge watching Army Wives and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt without hearing comments from the peanut gallery in the background. Also I've been sleeping with both an axe and a baseball bat next to my bed just in case intruders happen upon me in the middle of the night.

Rational is my middle name.

Today is going to be a word vomit day. I have ideas for posts later in the week (which have to do with a honeymoon post and a post about my favorite household items because I'm exciting like that), but today I'm just going to spit up all over my page, just like my co-workers 4.5 month old baby does on my scrubs on a daily basis. It's really adorable.

Since Keith has bee gone I've been trying to be a domestic goddess and get some cleaning/purging out of the way. Sunday night I ended up going through boxes of old cards + pictures and I found this amazing picture of me at 14 years old. I think I literally had 7 hairs on each eyebrow and that shirt with the furry collar? I loved wearing it with a furry sweater because I was the coolest homeschooled high school freshman you've ever seen in your LYFE.

The dogs missed their dad and showed that by refusing to eat on Sunday. We skyped Keith Sunday night and the dogs really didn't know what to do with themselves. They kept cocking their heads and whining and doing their tricks just in case he magically apparated and appeared in front of them. Ignore the home mess but LOOK HOW CUTE THE DOGS ARE.

Baby Kate has a sister! She was born on March 8th and she has the biggest feet and the most amazing head of hair I've ever seen on a newborn. Her name is Kynlee Elizabeth and her favorite things are: 1) Sleeping. 2) That's all.

Baby Kate is a very concerned big sister. Whenever "Baby Sista" cries, Baby Kate gets upset and wants Kynlee to stop crying because when babies cry the world cries. Katelynne is convinced that Kynlee cries for one of two reasons: "She needs a Band-Aid!" or "She's hungwy and wants the boobies!"

In my opinion, Baby Kyn always looks like she's exasperated and it's adorable.
I AM A BUILDER. We don't have very much kitchen storage so last weekend when we were buying a new sofa we also bought a little cupboard. It had to be put together a la Ikea and last night, in the glow of Army Wives, I decided to brave the instructions and build my cupboard. I think that's what it's called. I'm really impressed with my building skills even if it does look the tiniest bit crooked. It also matches the rest of the wood nearly perfectly, and I love that. I'm a bit concerned that there's too much of that color wood in our kitchen/dining room but I figure the ping pong table which is not shown in the picture probably balances it out. Also the constant mess probably distracts from the color scheme as well.

When I was going through the picture of old cards + pictures I found this picture of when I thought I was a model. Someone I knew was opening up a "vintage" (i.e. thrift) store and she asked me and another girl to model for her, and my idea of modeling was to hunch over in a gutter while wearing an obscene amount of eyeliner.

I made a cake for a co-worker's birthday and used my recipe for Grandma's seven minute icing and .... it looks like the cake from Sleeping Beauty. It totally and completely melted and I don't know why. I promise it was still delicious! It just mildly resembled the cake a drunk leprechaun would have made.

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  1. Those puppy faces! Also Baby Kyn! Exasperated is a good word. She's working on her RBF for 15 years from now :)

  2. That cake reminds me of Flubber... but I'd still eat it.

    That modelling picture is perfection

  3. That cake!! Haha. Regardless of the droopy icing, it still looks tasty! And totally agree about the joyfulness of being able to watch shows without peanut gallery comments from the guys :)

  4. Your model picture...enough about the eyeliner, let's talk about the rather inviting pose you're in. Hoochy!
    Also, I looooove Army Wives. My girls and I would get together and drink wine and watch it each week the new episode aired.
    Lastly, you can't mention her big feet and not post a picture of them!!

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