Thursday, April 7, 2016

Captain Obvious is running for President!

It's pretty hard to go anywhere lately without being bombarded with something regarding The Race for President. You can hardly go 24 hours without hearing something about somebody's very serious views about immigration, gun control, foreign policy, gender equality, etc etc etc times a million. Everything surrounding the Presidential Election is so serious that sometimes it's nice to have something or someone to lighten the mood, and I have just the person for you!

Captain Obvious.

He's running for President in the most literal way possible: by literally running for President. Across all 50 states. WITH HIS OWN TWO FEET.

Luckily for Captain Obvious, he's being supported by, which is providing everything he needs to race: shorts, socks, shoes, and a place for him to rest his tired feet and body every night! Captain Obvious is also tweeting about his adventures on his Twitter account: @CaptainObvious (he's got over 300k followers, trust me you want to follow him!).

Captain Obvious makes a video every time he runs through a state - have you seen your state's video yet? Make sure to check! And while you're checking, you can take a look at his GIFs and merchandise! You all know how I love a good GIF and these are no exception!

During this emotional time it's so nice to have the lighthearted commentary of someone who doesn't take sides, doesn't take cheap shots, and actually tries to make people laugh by very literally running for President. Captain Obvious also gives you the opportunity to give something back: if you make a donation to his campaign your hard earned dollars will go to some wonderful charities! You can read all about it on his web page.

Enjoy the race!

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