Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jonathan Adler for Motorola

I'm a pretty big fan of simplicity. If you look at pictures of our wedding, you'll notice it was pretty simple with some little pops of color or pizazz (one of my bridesmaids had a sequin dress so I mean, hello). To me, simplicity is classic. It's timeless. And it's something I look for in fashion, interior design, and personal style.

This is one reason I'm a fan of the new Moto X Pure Edition Design Motorolla phones by Jonathan Adler. These designs are sleek and unique, and perfect for somebody who loves simplicity and style! Let's face it: we're all attached to our phones, and it only makes sense to have our phones be representative of our own individual style, and Jonathan Adler is a master at this.

Jonathan Adler's philosophy is to "build a timelessly chic foundation, then accessorize with abandon." I LOVE THAT. These designs are limited but you can see the full collection by clicking here.

I've included some photos of how I like to decorate using simplicity and uniqueness. On my dining room table I have a wooden cookie that was used as a centerpiece for our wedding as a foundation for a beautiful jug that was gifted to us for our wedding by a coworker, and inside I have some silk hydrangeas that were completing the wrapping of a wedding gift. Everything is simple but it all comes together to form my own unique style. And like I said, Jonathan Adler is amazing at this!

Make sure to check out this page to view all the new Motorola phone designs, even if you weren't previously in the market for a new phone. Trust me, as something you use almost all day every day, you want your phone to represent who you are.

This post is sponsored by Motorola but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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