Sunday, January 24, 2016


I want a cat.

I've been wanting a cat for years, and lately my mission in life is to convince Keith to say "yes"  so I can bring home a cuddly ball of fur. People keep telling me to "just go get a cat, what would be wrong with that?"  but um, I try (try) to have a little more respect for my spouse than that. So instead of just going out and getting an adorable little feline, I settle for sitting next to Keith on the cough and muttering, "I would be so much happier if I had a cat right now," or petting one of the dogs while saying, "DON'T YOU WISH YOU HAD A CAT TO PLAY WITH?" or, my personal favorite, saying this to Keith:
"If you're not going to give me a baby yet you could at least give me a cat."

Shockingly, I'm still cat-less. So now I'm resorting to passive-aggressively blogging and tweeting about my feline desire. Thus, I present to you:

5 reasons I should get a cat
1. Because the get scared by cucumbers and that reminds us all that we should have a healthy fear of vegetables.
2. Because cats and dogs interacting is HILARIOUS and filming the two of them together will guarantee my internet fame.

3. Because this is me.

4. Because cats are self-sufficient and can stay home by themselves as weekend as long as they have food and water. So basically you don't even know they're there.

5. Because Keith has his dogs who are basically my step children and I need my own children because his dogs literally shove their buttholes in my face to show me my place. A cat would probably do that too but at least it would be MY cat so it would be like I asked for it.
So now YOUR job is to do either one of two things: leave a comment agreeing with me so I can show it to Keith and be like, "THE WHOLE INTERNET AGREES WITH ME SO STOP BEING AN OGRE," or leave a comment telling me why I WOULDN'T want a cat so I can come up with a retort.

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  1. As a former cat-hater now cat-mom of 3 who is slightly obsessed with them (you've seen my IG lol) ... GET A CAT!!!!!! And you're so right, when my dogs and cats snuggle it's THE BEST and CUTEST!! Maybe a day date could be a trip to the local shelter? Ya know, just to look and see what is out there?? Hehe! #TeamGetaKitty

  2. That cat/dog gif has been one of my favorites forEVER! I have a cat (though I want a dog) and he's pretty cool. He does weird, funny stuff all the time so it'd be funny for your blog. TELL HIM IT'LL HELP YOUR BLOG.


  4. I'm Team Keith here. Cats are disgusting. Cats are mean. Cats are satan's pet.

  5. When I was trying to convince Tim I needed a new puppy, I told him that it wasn't fair that he just waltzed into this marriage with FOUR PETS that I had no say in choosing. And that I needed one that was *mine* and that I had a personal connection with or I would be sad and depressed and there would be a giant puppy-shaped hole in my life. I guess it worked.

  6. I want a cat so bad, but I can't have one now, either. Of course, I also have a bunny, so I guess I don't have a valid argument for own behalf, but I say, Keith! Let the woman have a cat!

  7. My parents cat Luna is like my dogs own little pet - its so cute the way they interact. Krickit gets so jealous whenever Luna is anywhere close to me - its hilarious! You definitely need to get your dogs a cat! hahaha

  8. I have two cats (you have to get two so they can keep each other company) and they're life-changing. YOU NEED CATS. They cuddle me when I'm sick, they know when I'm crying and come comfort me, they're hilarious, playful. Oh, and totally low maintenance. DO IT.

  9. So I'm not a cat person, BUT if you want a cat... KEITH GIVE HER A CAT.

    My first vote is for a baby, but I guess a cat is okay for now.

  10. You absolutely need a cat! Everyone actually needs a cat but, like, your life is going to be so much more fulfilling with a cat. Plus you'll be so attracted to Keith when you walk in and find him snuggling a kitty. Tell him that. Men holding cats are sexy. And they're so easy to take care of. And so fluffy. And so precious. YOU NEED A CAT! 🐱🐱🐱