Monday, November 16, 2015

Here are the most difficult things I learned while traveling abroad

Our honeymoon was the very first time I've been out of the country. At all. It was incredible and amazing and everything and nothing that I thought it would be. Most of it was a lot more difficult and just all around different than I thought it would be, and today I'm going to share with you the most difficult things I experienced whilst (that's how they say "while" overseas) abroad.

You have to be really particular about when you post on social media.
Everybody knows the only time you post anything on the internet is during peak interaction time, or whenever you know the most people will be online to give you the most likes and headpats. In the same way you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friend if it looks good on you first, you wouldn't post a picture on Instagram at 1 in the morning because WHO IS GOING TO SEE IT? When you're overseas, it's basically always 1 in the morning in your homeland. We were 10-12 hours ahead of the US while we were gone, so I couldn't post a picture at 4 in the afternoon because it would only be 2 in the morning back home, and then my picture was basically pointless. This meant I had to try to make sure I was awake around midnight every night because that way it was mid-day back home and that way my social media posts weren't pointless. #priorities

There is no ice.
You really don't appreciate things like ice cold beverages until you're in a place that doesn't have any ice cold beverages. Not only were there no fountain sodas, but there was no ice, and none of the bottled or canned beverages were very cold at all. Do you know what sucks more than a warm Diet Coke? NOTHING.

People are pushy. Like, really pushy.
I'm a people pleaser, I don't like to be rude. So when we were overseas and all the vendors were yelling at me to look at their products and buy their products and just go over to their booth for a minute it took me like a solid week to be ok with just ignoring them. But seriously, like, E V E R Y O N E yells at and solicits you and it really just gets to be exhausting.

You really should wear more than one pair of jeans.
Ok truthfully, I packed two pairs of jeans. Pairs? Pair? IDK. Anyway, I packed two jeans but one of them stretched out 5 seconds after I put them on so after I wore them for like 24 hours straight during our drive to LA and our layovers and all of that, they were super stretched out and I couldn't wear them anymore. That meant I only had one other pair of jeans I could wear. And yes I thought about 

Everything is insanely overwhelming.
The thing about the US is that everything here is only a few hundred years old. The thing about almost every other place in the world is that there are ruins that are THOUSANDS of years old. Sometimes I felt like I wasn't giving the 8,000 year old clay jars enough reverent attention ... because there were about 500 other 8,000 year old clay jars that demanded my reverent attention. It's really hard to explain how it feels to be in total and complete awe 24/7. One day we went on a hike, which is something I do (well, did) a lot, and we came across all these random cave churches that the Hittites built and worshiped in thousands and thousands of years ago. Thinking about the people who carved those homes and churches and painted those murals was extremely moving. And it also made me realize what a crappy artist I am.

Ok the end. I'm going to try to have a wedding related post up tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that I'm not super lazy.


  1. Traveling is so overwhelming. It's like every single second is this awesome experience that you want to soak in but can't possiblky because it's all TOO MUCH together! But, that's why I love it. Also, I hate that jeans stretch out after like one wear. This is not convenient when traveling.

  2. THIS POST LEGIT SUMS UP MY LIFE. Ah, girl, you're so right about all this stuff. Especially about people being pushy and social media and jeans. But it's so worth it, right?

  3. I haven't traveled overseas and I'm not sure I could handle a week or two without ice in my beverages. I like things ice cold, warm soda is the worst. I think I would be in a constant stated of overwhelmed, but I'd love to see all that history up close!

  4. Oh my gosh, yes. The street vendors in other countries are SO exhausting!

  5. ewww warm soda, I could not handle thatl! And I mayy have worn the same pajamas for 5 out of 6 nights on my honeymoon in the Bahamas 2 weeks ago.. I brought other PJs but these were so warm and our room was freezing and yea...

  6. i think what's most important is that you sported that packers shirt like a damn champion.

  7. All of these are so true! I knew about the no ice thing ahead of my first Europe trip, but it's still SO WEIRD. Also room temperature? Salad. Ugh!

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