Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: What will my wedding FREAK OUT be? + Baby Kate weekend recapWe

I spent the weekend with family in San Luis Obispo doing wedding and just having a great time in general. My mom and I worked on decorations (I've never seen so much twine in all my life), we celebrated my dad's birthday, and my aunt and I went cake tasting.

First of all: I didn't really care about the wedding cake until I went to the tasting last Friday. YOU. GUYS. This cake is the most amazing thing I may have ever eaten. Thankfully the bakery didn't have very many options (for indecisive people like me limited choices is the key to happiness and low stress) so it didn't last for hours and hours.

We got to taste cupcakes and I spilled one of the cupcakes on the floor and seriously almost cried, but then Casey the cake decorator gave me a new one and life was good again. You're never too old to cry over a spilled cupcake or the first Land Before Time movie.

Me and Casey, obs.
My aunt and I spent the afternoon together and had a wonderful time, but then she asked me a question that I haven't been able to stop thinking about since:

On your wedding day, what's going to cause you to have a meltdown [a la Emma Stone]?"

When my older sister got married 5 years ago, she had a meltdown over her makeup. She hated it and ended up crying it off and redoing it before the ceremony. My aunt (and everyone who knows me) know that I tend to freak out a LOT (for example: when I was in high school I dyed my hair a lot and I would freak out thinking the only way to have pretty hair again was to shave my head), so she was wondering what my biggest stressers will be on that day.

How am I supposed to know??? From what I hear, your wedding day will bring you stress, anxiety, and crazy emotions like you've never experienced before. Well, just the mere thought of what I'll freak out over in 67 days made me freak out a little. Here's what I told her will probably cause me to melt down:

- My nails get chipped
-I get diarrhea
-People ask me question after question after question
-I gain 5 pounds the week of the wedding and my dress doesn't fit
-Chipotle gives us barbacoa instead of steak (I loathe barbacoa)

I'm hoping that by being sort of prepared for this, we'll have a perfectly stress free day and I won't yell or cry out of frustrated.

Flawless plan, right? Other than Xanax and champagne, any suggestions for dealing with wedding day stress?

Let's move on to Baby Kate, since she's way cuter and more popular than me.

We red this book called "Pete the Cat Loves His White Shoes." (This series was featured on Modern Family, fyi.) Basically Pete has white shoes and he steps in things and his shoes get dirty. Like, 4 times during the book you have to say, "OH NO!! PETE STEPPED IN A PILE OF______!!!" Katelynne's new favorite phrase is, "OH NO!!" She carried the book around and just kept saying, "OH NO OH NO!!!!" I died.

I took her to get a donut and all she wanted to do at first was pick all the sprinkles off of it and lick it.

Then she turned into cupcake Gollum.

 Then we made faces with my sister and Maid of Honor.

That's all for now. I miss this space and I miss all of you, fyi.


  1. When I got married I took care of all the details and made sure everything was done 2 days before the wedding. When the wedding day came, if a problem arose, I would ask myself, "Am I still going to be married at the end of the day?". If the answer was yes, then I didn't worry about it. My dress was a bit wrinkled. I was still going to be married at the end of the day, so I didn't stress about it. And not one person noticed. My bridesmaid's flowers weren't exactly what I ordered. Was I still going to be married at the end of the day? Yes. They weren't what I ordered, but they were still beautiful and looked lovely in the pictures.

    At the end of the day all that matters is that you get to say those vows to each other and you are husband and wife. I know the planning is important and you can make yourself crazy with the details. I promise you though, people are going to notice the tiny details that we as brides obsess over. On the big day, just relax, and enjoy the time. The day will fly by. You want to soak it all in. Feel all the love that everyone will be pouring out to you. That's all that matters.

  2. I can't remember if you have a planner for the day or not [GET ONE, mine was the 100000% worth the money we spent] but if you don't designate someone to have your phone and to be the go to for questions. Your day will go by faster than you think and you will miss so much answering questions. I'd suggest a bridesmaid or someone that knows you and the wedding well enough to figure things out without bother you.

  3. I also freak out over everything, so everyone expected me to have a major meltdown freak out moment on my wedding day or at least leading up to it, however, I surprised even myself and was the calmest bride EVER! I had an awesome wedding coordinator and my mom was on top of things, so there wasn't much left for me to freak out over. Just enjoy your day and drink lots of mimosas! It will go by so quickly, but it will truly be the best day of your life!!


    Also, I've never tried the barbacoa when I go to Chipotle... what is it?!

    I'll email you more about this - but basically, my #1 suggestion for your wedding day, to avoid stress, is to have a 'day of' coordinator. This will ensure that your vendors all drop things off to the appropriate places, everything is decorated, you stick to your timeline, etc. But, I'll elaborate when I talk to you.

  5. In order to avoid those stresses, a few tips - a, get a mani pedi that morning. Seriously. Be the first appointment (with your maids and moms?). Also, nominate someone else to drive you that day (random) AND definitely have someone who answers ?s for you - maybe a maid of honor? I did this for a friend (do it the night before too, for rehearsal dinner), and literally overtime someone asked her a question that either a) was stupid or b) overwhelmed her to the point of indifference, she'd literally point at me, and i answered it. Just make sure it's someone you trust :)

  6. So basically all I got out of this is intense cravings for 1. Chipotle and 2. Donuts with sprinkles on them. Oh and 3. a Baby Kate to take every where with me and make my days better because she is literally THE CUTEST THING EVER but you really didn't need me to tell you that because you know that already.

  7. omg. cupcake Gollum is my favorite every. i still can't stop laughing!!!!!

    i had a freak out for a moment when moments before our private first look, the fire alarms in the hotel went off and EVERY. SINGLE. GUEST. witnessed our "private first look" uuugh. but it was fine and you shall be fine!

  8. Just have baby Kate by your side on the day and all will be right with the world-she is TOO cute!!! Umm and can I have that donut?!

  9. Wedding day freak outs….I think key is to have everything finalized days before wedding (however many days that may be varies) and if you do have one--coordinators are awesome! On the wedding day just enjoy it….because at the end of the day you are getting married and no one is going to know if a minor detail went wrong….they won't take away from the reason of the day---you and Keith becoming Mr. & Mrs--which will be the best feeling ever! And believe it or not you will not even notice the minor details! I was extremely calm on our wedding day--with it being outdoors---i had told myself if it rained or the wind was blowing 25mph there was simply nothing I could do other than to roll with a backup plan (which was not solid)…but truth is…there really is nothing I can do to control the weather! So those things out of your control---do not let them consume you! It will all be perfect!!! :) Sept.26 is an awesome day by the way! :)

  10. I miss your blogs and I miss you too. And WHYYYY is Baby Kate so precious. I love her. I want to give her infinity donuts, because she deserves them. As for wedding day stress and freak outs – first of all, just knowing ahead of time that you’re going to be stressed is really helpful. It’s normal, and you’re going to be okay. The thing that helped me stay calm and not panic all day (like when hundreds of strangers protested the George Zimmerman verdict in the very courtyard where I was going to take my first look pictures, or when my hair wouldn’t tease right…) was one simple question: “Does this, the current situation that is trying to make me freak out, affect whether I will be married to Andy at the end of this day?” If the answer was no, I didn’t give it even another thought. That was oddly liberating.

    Also liquor.

  11. I am seriously just so jealous that you are having Chipotle. WHY didn't I think of that? We did have a fajita bar and chips and queso but it is still not the same. You are a genius.

  12. I think cake testing would be the best part of wedding planning, for sure! Also, there could be many freakouts, not just one! But let's hope there are none!

  13. The thing that made me freak out on my wedding day was that my husband forgot to shave. !!!!!!

  14. Confession: I've shown Derek pictures of Baby Kate and said that hope our baby is this cute. He then shoots me down and says "Neither of us have brown hair, our baby will never look like that." Way to be a dream killer.

    What caused a major freak out with me was the groomsmen during picture time. First of all, they were late and second they WEREN'T DRESSED. I had already explained that there was not a place to "get ready" at the venue - only a bathroom so everyone needed to show up ready to go. My bridesmaids and my parents and me all got ready at the same hotel, so no problems there, but all of the groomsmen (except one) showed up in jeans and t-shirts. I don't know why but that REALLY set me off. Also, they kept goofing off during picture time and it really pissed me off. Thankfully I'm good at fake smiling because all the pictures turned out pretty good and you can't even tell I'm giving the stink eye slash yelling at everyone in between shots. I remember at one point telling Derek "These guys better get their shit together or they won't be in the wedding!" Which was totally over the top but I was on edge. Then we all went to the bar across the street and I almost cried because I didn't have any cash and my brother ran to find my mom and brought me 20 dollars and I took a shot and drank a Miller Lite and all was well after that.

    BUT the best way to deal with wedding stress (after alcohol) is to ask: is this going to affect my marriage? Will this change the fact that at the end of the day I'll be doing honeymoon shenanigans with my HUSBAND? And if the answer is no, just laugh it off with your bridesmaids and make sure your lipstick isn't on your teeth and you'll be golden!


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